MK2 Curiosity: how to use the MK2 streaming service to watch free movies?

What is the MK2 Curiosity streaming service for? Does the MK2 streaming platform have a catalog of free or paid films? How to access it? Discover without delay this new online service which allows you to watch the greatest films of world cinema.

  • The essential
  • The MK2 Curiosity platform offers a selection of 5 free films to watch in streaming for 7 days.
  • The complete catalog then becomes chargeable: the rental of single films is priced at €2.99.
  • The MK2 Curiosity streaming service does not use an algorithm for its movie recommendations.
  • The “Guests” section provides a preview of original content and interviews with artists.

MK2 Curiosity Service Overview

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MK2 Curiosity is a streaming platform part of the MK2 group, an international film production, distribution, and sales company. Created in November 2021, it allows all cinema lovers to enjoy feature films wherever they are.

It is actually a relaunch of its VOD service following the success encountered by the MK2 film’s platform during the first confinement at the start of 2020: an expanded catalog for a superior and more daring SVOD service.

Its slogan, ” Another idea of ​​cinema “, perfectly reflects the spirit of the company: to create a model of cultural alternative unique in the world, with the help of a selection of auteur films with meticulous aesthetics.

After more than 100 films produced, a catalog of 800 titles, and 26 cinemas operated in Europe, MK2 is launching the MK2 Curiosity platform, an online streaming service for viewing the greatest feature films of the 7th art.

How does the MK2 streaming service work?

Unlike Netflix, Salto, OCS, Universciné, and others, MK2 Curiosity offers Internet users a weekly selection of five 100% free films, to be viewed for a maximum of seven days.

Also against current practices, MK2 Curiosity does not use an algorithm to offer feature films to its subscribers. The goal? Introduce them to movies they don’t like yet.

How to Enjoy Free MK2 Movies? You have absolutely nothing to do! Even creating an account is superfluous:

  1. In your browser’s search bar, type the address
  2. Browse the home page to see the movies of the week.
  3. Click on the movie of your choice and start watching without delay.

Each broadcast is accompanied by a short presentation video, to learn more about the film, its genesis, and its realization, and other relevant anecdotes.

This service is available on a computer as well as on a smartphone or tablet, via the mobile site. Please note that the MK2 application is not dedicated to the streaming service, but simply to the programming of all the cinemas forming the MK2 network.

The paid catalog of the MK2 Curiosity service

MK2 Curiosity service

As mentioned earlier, the MK2 Free Movies platform only allows watching free movies for one week. However, these remain available thereafter.

Beyond the seven-day free viewing period, MK2 Curiosity films become payable and accessible online from the “Collections” section. An unprecedented operation that has two objectives:

  • Be accessible to all thanks to free content, and allow users to “sharpen” their gaze.
  • Enable moviegoers to quench their thirst for culture via a catalog of paid films.

How much do movies cost to stream on MK2 Curiosity?

If you have exceeded the seven-day free viewing period, you can continue to watch your favorite movies on the MK2 streaming platform by renting them for €2.99 each. A more than reasonable sum to discover real nuggets from a monumental catalog.

Here again, to differentiate itself from other similar SVOD platforms such as Henri or FilmoTV, MK2 Curiosity bases part of its revenue on display advertising.

Rest assured, however: you will not be bombarded with commercial messages at all costs, because advertising remains moderate on the site.

What is the MK2 Curiosity catalog?

MK2 Curiosity catalog

On this new streaming platform, you won’t find blockbusters or mainstream movies. The wish of the film company is clear: to offer Internet users an extensive selection of committed and demanding films.

Even if the group starts its ascent with modesty, the MK2 Curiosity catalog is made up of numerous French films, but also aims to introduce other jewels of international cinema.

On the side of the directors of the Hexagon, we find in particular:

  • François Truffaut: The 400 Blows, Stolen Kisses …
  • Agnès Varda: La Pointe Courte, Cléo from 5 to 7 …
  • Michael Haneke: The Pianist, Unknown Code …
  • Jacques Demy: The Bel Indifferent, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg …

But that’s not all: the MK2 Curiosity Free Films platform also includes documentaries, short films, and film interviews.

We note, for example, a series of four episodes retracing the life of the Kennedys, in documentaries that give pride of place to cinema-vérité.

Enough to learn more and more about legendary directors and maintain your general knowledge without any effort!

MK2 Streaming and the “Guests” section

In addition to the “Catalogue”, “Top Stories” and “Episodes” tabs, the MK2 Curiosity service offers a “Guests” section.

Every seven days, you can find filmmakers, actors, and other cultural partners sharing their “good tips” online.

These may be previews, still unreleased short films, or even filmed essays and more experimental formats.

The episodes of the MK2 Curiosity platform

The last peculiarity of the French high-end streaming service, the section “Episodes”, corresponds, each week, to a selection of international feature films that are worth seeing.

Baptized, among other things, “Cédric, Pauline and the others…”, these files include films by French or foreign directors.

The group has thought of all cinephiles with Christmas or Cannes Festival best-ofs that are off the beaten track.

The MK2 Curiosity Newsletter

MK2 Curiosity Newsletter

Another peculiarity of the streaming service is a newsletter that works differently from those you are used to receiving.

Where Netflix, OCS, or Amazon Prime Video offer you a tailor-made selection of films approaching your favorite genres, MK2 Curiosity breaks the codes and opts for the totally opposite approach.

Every Friday, instead of sending out an email full of movie suggestions based on your interests, the MK2 Curiosity newsletter lets you discover little-known masterpieces, as well as the lineup for the week ahead.

You can subscribe for free to this newsletter, and unsubscribe at any time from your online MK2 account.

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