Mondial TV: What is it and How it works ?

Now, thanks to ever-changing technology, you can watch the TV shows you love on your phone or tablet or PC. All you have to do is install the corresponding application. So you could enjoy your favorite TV channels anywhere. Mondial TV is one of the most noticeable innovations. 

Mondial TV: what is it? 

Mondial TV is an application that allows you to enjoy these favorite programs that are broadcast on television via your phone, PC or even a tablet. This French distribution service is available on the App Store and Play Store platforms. 

The application is accessible free of charge and nearly 200 television channels and several SVOD feeds are made available to users. You can follow basic English channels such as BBC World News, Sony Movies, Bloomberg Television, CNN Europe… The main French channels are also among the top of the list. 

For example, you have France 24, Euronews, TV5 Monde, Canal +, TF1 or even BFM TV, fashion tv… The service is also available internationally, such as Belgian, German, Swiss, Italian channels… Sports enthusiasts will also spoiled with access to KSA1 Sport, ONSport or even bein Sport. 

How does Mondial TV work?

The Mondial TV user has a choice between two offers: 

  • The free one: which will allow you to enjoy 35 television channels. You have for example Poker TV, Trace Hits UK, Fashion TV or even Culture Box 
  • The paid format which includes nearly 200 channels of all origins, live or in replay. SVOD films will also be accessible via this paid offer. Your subscription is multi-user and you can enjoy it as a family. 

Your offer allows you to watch your shows on five different stations. You have ample access to it for a payment of 9.90 euros per month. 

Why install Mondial TV?

Easy access and free installation is the first positive argument of Mondial TV. The use of this distribution service also helps to avoid disputes at home. Everyone can follow their favorite show on their device. 

The subscription allows you to see your favorite programs on five different media. This offer available simultaneously is an advantage that should not be overlooked compared to other competitor services. The other positive point of this application is its accessibility without area restrictions. Wherever you go in the world, you can always enjoy your subscription. Mondial TV offers completely legal unlimited access to various television programs. 

How do I subscribe to Mondial TV? 

This free application is easily downloaded via App Store or Play Store. You then enter the online store and choose your subscription which will be added to your basket. After validation of your transaction, you fulfill the billing conditions with the payment method you have chosen. 

For your subscription to be validated, it is mandatory that you accept the General Conditions of Sale of the store. You then place your order. Your login and password will be sent to your mailbox. 

You could log in to your account before accessing the Mondial TV application. You can either do it directly with the application or go to the WEBTV platform. New identifiers will be sent to you. 

They will be to be distinguished from the first ones which are different. You should always have both and not mix them. If you subsequently wish to unsubscribe from the offer to which you are linked, simply cancel your subscription. 

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