Plex Adds Three Channels to its Free Streaming Lineup | IPTV

Plex is adding to its Free Live TV streaming service again, with 3 new on the lineup this week. The new additions include classic westerns, documentaries, and music to get you into the holiday spirit.

Here are all the new channels now available on Plex.


Put a Bird on It! All your favorite episodes from the hit series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, all the time!
This channel is available for viewers in the U.S.

Trailers from Hell

TFH is the premier showcase and community of classic film trailers, curated and shared by some of worlds top filmmakers.
This channel is available for viewers globally.


Get immersed in our carefully curated playlists and just enjoy Beethoven’s symphonies, Mozart’s piano concertos, and many more.
This channel is available for viewers globally, with the exception of France and Germany.

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