Pluto TV launches South Park channel in Latin America – IPTV Live Streaming

A still image from the 23rd season of South Park. (Photo: Viacom/South Park Studios/Handout)

Pluto TV has launched three new channels on the Latin American version of its free, ad-supported streaming service, including one dedicated to re-runs of the hit animated series “South Park.”

The South Park stream (Channel 511) rolled out to users on Tuesday in more than a dozen Latin American countries, including Argentina, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.  Classic episodes airing on Pluto TV’s South Park stream will be dubbed in Spanish.

The move comes after competing streaming service HBO Max launched an international variant of their product in many of the same Latin American countries last month. While HBO Max in the United States has the exclusive streaming rights to the  entire back catalog of South Park shows, those rights don’t extend to other territories.

In addition to the South Park stream, two other channels debuted on Pluto TV in Latin America, including a stream featuring global cooking shows (“Recetas,” Channel 555) and a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!”-themed channel (Channel 265).

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