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Today, Cinedgim announced that its soccer-centric service Realmadrid TV has launched on Pluto TV. The channel will join others as part of Pluto TV’s sports category, including NFL Channel, MLB, PGA Tour, and more.

Programming currently available on RealMadrid TV streaming channel:

  • Real Madrid’s La Liga Games
  • Live Press Conferences
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Classic Matches
  • Magazine Shows
  • Real Madrid News Programming

“Real Madrid has one of the most loyal fanbases worldwide, with more than 450 million fans across the globe. With Real Madrid’s strong and continually growing fanbase in the U.S., Realmadrid TV now offers those fans an incredible opportunity to catch the latest matches, news, and revisit classic moments in the club’s history,” said Jennifer Soltesz, Vice President, Business Development & Strategy at Cinedigm. “Realmadrid TV on Pluto TV brings the world’s most famous and successful soccer team to one of the most popular ad-supported streaming services, giving fans across the country a close look at the team they love.”

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