IPTV Recording Ultimate Guide: How to Record TV shows via TiviMate

If you want to record sports events or other live events to watch later, you may need to know how to record IPTV. One of the main features of the TiviMate IPTV player application is the ability to record. The recording function is very flexible, allowing you to manually or pre-arrange the recording. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use TiviMate to record IPTV.

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How to schedule a weekly recording using TiviMate?

To use TiviMate to record TV shows, you first need to install TiviMate Premium on your Android TV box and load IPTV details from your provider.

Follow these steps to use the custom recording feature on TiviMate to record upcoming shows.

  1. Go to the guide and find the channel you want to record (you DON’T have to look for the show as long as you know the day and time each week that it airs).
  2. Long press the select/okay button to bring up a menu on the right side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “Custom recording” then “New recording”.
  4. Set your start date, start time, and duration.
  5. Click on repeat and select the day of the week that it airs.
  6. Finally, set a name for the recording.

Note: It may be best practice to set your duration to an extra 5-10 minutes. With IPTV sometimes there is a delay on the channels. If your show is scheduled to start at 7 pm on regular TV then it may not start on IPTV until 7:05 pm because of the delay. This means if it’s an hour-long show it won’t actually end until 8:05 pm. You’ll be pretty mad if you set it to end at 8:00 pm and miss the last 5 minutes of the program.

Record IPTV in manual mode

Step1: Now to record, you simply need to play a stream on Tivimate, and while on the channel, click the UP button on the remote until the above windows appear.

Simply move to the right and highlight the recording sign and click OK.

recording iptv on tivimate

Step2: Click Record.

recording iptv on tivimate 2

Step3: This message is the confirmation that the recording is in progress.

recording iptv on tivimate 3

How to find recorded shows on Tivimate

Recorded programs are accessible in the Recordings section. While on the channel listing, click the left arrow button on the remote so the left-side menu shows up. Then click Recordings.

looking up recorded programs

Video Tutorial: How To Record Shows In Tivimate

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Do I need external storage to record IPTV?

Today, most IPTV streams have high bit rates that translate into high-quality pictures. The storage size for recording a 1080p TV episode of 40 to 50 minutes is between 2 and 4 gigabytes. Now, if you’re running Tivimate on any Android device with large internal storage (such as a MeCool box), you don’t need any external storage (such as a USB flash drive). However, if you run it on Firestick, you need external storage because the internal storage is small and limited.

Why is Tivimate not recording?

Make sure your device has power and Tivimate is running in the background. If you kill the app it won’t work. If you plug the USB power cord into your TV’s USB port then it might not get power when the TV is off.

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