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Channel Master AmplifyChannel Master AmplifyDo you struggle with a station that should come in clearly but often is breaking up or becoming distorted? Channel Master now has a new device called Amplify that can help you remove all the clutter blocking your TV stations.

As more stations now broadcast over the air for free more stuff—from power lines to cell phones—is getting in the way. All of these other signals can interfere with your TV signal.

Now Amplify is designed to help remove some of the distortion caused by cell phones and other signals.

We tested Amplify on several different antennas, including TERK and Mohu antennas, and it successfully helped bring in our typically weak CBS station. CBS at our office often breaks, but with Amplify it came in clear.

Set up was simple and instillation took just a few minutes. We ran a channel scan and didn’t pick up any new station as Amplify won’t help you pick up signals that are just not there. What Amplify does is help you clean up the stations you already get.

Here is our unboxing and video review:


Simple to install

Cleans up weak signals

You can find the Channel Master Amplify on their website here.

Technical Specifications

Impedance (Input and Output)75 Ohm
Frequency range54MHz~80MHz &125MHz~700MHz
Gain30dB (High) / 17dB (Low)
Noise figureTypically less than 3dB
UL listedYes
RoHS compliantYes
Input return loss<-10
Output return loss<-10
Max input level18 (High) 10 (Low) dBmV
Max output level34 dBmV
FM trap88-95 MHz; >10dB, 95-108 MHz; >13dB
Power consumption<3W
Operating temperature-40 C to +60 C

Disclaimer: Cord Cutters News, LLC received this device as a free loaner for the purposes of reviewing it.

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