Review: Idroidnation I-Box Android 5.1- IPTV Reviews

The Idroidnation is an android 5.1 Home Entertainment TV Box that comes fully loaded; with 8 Core 64-Bit CPU, Bluetooth 4.0, 1000M Lan, 2GB Ram, a/b/g/n WiFi, and 8GB internal storage.

The Idroidnation comes loaded with a ton of add-ons for Kodi and 3 USB ports help this little box stand out from the competition. It has the ability to plug in multiple external hard drives and still have extra USB ports to add a remote or keyboard to your device.

During our testing, we did not experience a single hang-up or crash. The user interface is overly simple, but most people get these boxes to use Kodi. This device really seems to be built with the idea that the user will spend all their time in the Kodi universe.

The setup was very simple. After plugging it in, the Idroidnation was ready to go. No additional setup was needed after connecting it to the TV and plugging it into the wall.


  • Very well-made hardware
  • More ports than the average Android box
  • Very nice remote
  • Very simple setup
  • 4K Support


  • The user interface is very basic with few options

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