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The AirTV 2 just went for sale and this week we had an opportunity to test it out. This is a very different experience from the Air TV 1 (that is still for sale). No longer is it an Android TV player. The AirTV 2 is a network tuner.

Yes, you connect your antenna to the AirTV 2 and it will stream your local broadcast TV stations over the Internet to your Sling TV app on a long list of devices.

Here is a hands-on review we did with the AirTV 2:

Here is how Sling TV describes the app:

How it Works

AirTV solves the biggest problems associated with OTA antennas like wiring multiple rooms and finding the right spot to get the best possible TV signal. AirTV connects with your home Wi-Fi to stream local OTA channels to every internet-connected TV and device within range, so you can mount your antenna wherever it gets the best signal without running cables all over your home.

Take your locals on the go

Don’t have Sling TV? No problem, AirTV also works with the free AirTV app, so you have the freedom to watch your favorite local OTA channels in HD wherever you are.

Our Final Thoughts

The AirTV 2 is a great addition for any Sling TV subscriber. Now you can easily stream your antenna just as you would with ESPN or CNN.

It also answers one of the main concerns about Sling TV: the lack of locals. With the AirTV2 you can easily enjoy locals streaming inside Sling TV without the cost of paying for local TV stations.

If you are a Sling TV subscriber who already uses an antenna and wants to access your locals no matter where you are around the world, then the AirTV 2 is the device for you…

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