Roku Releases a Major MLB.TV Update to Take Advantage of the New Roku OS Updates- IPTV Reviews

Orioles Tigers BaseballOrioles Tigers BaseballRoku has slowly been pushing its channel owners to upgrade to the new, more powerful Roku developer tools. Even going so far as to tell Roku channel owners who are still using the first-generation channel interface that soon their channels won’t work if they don’t update.

MLB.TV is one of the first major new apps to take advantage of all the new tools these Roku updates offer.

Late last week the MLB.TV channel on Roku started to update to a major new interface. MLB.TV has taken the time to rebuild its Roku channel, taking advantage of new features that came out in the 7.5 update and the 7.6 update. These new features allow for a much more enjoyable user interface.

The following shows what the new Roku channel looks like:




Recently Roku has rolled out two major updates: 7.5 and 7.6. Both of these updates had little in the way of upfront changes but brought many backend changes and new options for channel developers.

This seems to be part of a major push for Roku as it looks to remain the number 1 streaming player. While the simple, easy-to-use menus are still there, Roku is pushing its app developers to create a first-class set of apps. Recently we saw this with the new Comcast channel and now with the MLB.TV channel.

Hopefully other Roku channels will be updated soon with similar great user interfaces.

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