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SiriusXM Pandora will launch a new podcast hosted by comedian Seth Rogen in early October, the company announced on Thursday.

“Storytime with Seth Rogen” will debut on Pandora, on SiriusXM’s streaming radio app and on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SiriusXM-owned Stitcher on October 6. The show was originally announced in May.

“Each week, Rogen indulges his endless curiosity about people and the world we live in by inviting a guest to share a single story – from a life-altering brush with a celebrity in a movie theater, to a hair-raising animal encounter, to the revelation of a family secret,” a SiriusXM Pandora spokesperson said in a statement released Thursday. “The tales range from hilarious to heartwarming, featuring great characters, surprising turns, and an immersive approach to sound design and score.”

Initial guests on Storytime include actor Paul Rudd, stand-up comedian Yassir Lester, filmmaker Ava DuVernay and musician David Crosby.

Storytime is produced by Earwolf and distributed by Stitcher. Both brands were acquired by SiriusXM Pandora last year. Along with “Storytime,” Earwolf and Stitcher produce and distribute popular podcasts “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” “Office Ladies,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “How Did This Get Made?”

Advertisement opportunities for Storytime are being handled in-house by SXM Media, the company’s in-house advertising and sales division.

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