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Who would choose a traditional satellite TV over an IPTV these days, given the affordable price and high-quality content? IPTV does not require any wiring or contractual agreements; all you need is a subscription to an IPTV service provider, a good Internet connection and you’re good to go.

IPTV service providers are growing in size and complexity at a faster rate than ever before. Every day, new IPTV services are launched, bringing the total number of services available to an all-time high.

If you’re looking for a streaming service that’s dependable, buffer-free, compatible, and affordable, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’ll be talking about SolarMedia IPTV, one of the fastest-growing IPTV service providers.


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SolarMedia offers over 7,000 live TV channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Arabia, and many more countries.

SolarMedia IPTV is based in the United States and Europe, with a special emphasis on sports. If you enjoy sports, you should give this IPTV service a try. It offers a variety of sports such as football, soccer, UFC, NFL, golf, and others. They also have a dedicated channel for the requested content.

With all PPV Events, they provide channels from every category, including News, Sports, Entertainment, Documentaries, Comedy, Drama, Religious Shows, Kids, Adults, and much more. They have over 30,000 VOD titles with movies and series from all over the world that are updated on a regular basis.


SolarMedia provides its service through Xtream Codes, m3u link, and MAC activation, meaning, their service is accessible to the majority of the devices available in the market.

Some of the devices compatible with SolarMedia are as follows:

Android devicesAmazon firestick
Android TVNon-Android TVs
Apple devicesMAG Box

Connection per device

SolarMedia allows only one connection by default, but for an additional ÂŁ7 per connection, they can provide up to four.

TV Channels

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Over 17,000 HD, SD, and 4K live TV channels are available through SolarMedia. They have special Channels for Sporting Events and PPV dedicated Channels for Sports which is one of the best features of SolarMedia. SolarMedia is the best solution for you if you enjoy watching a lot of sports on live television.

They provide Live TV Channels from all categories, including entertainment, horror, sports, documentaries, music channels, religion, and many others. The United States, the United Kingdom, Major European Countries, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and so on are among the countries they cover.

I experienced no lags or buffering during the trial period. The TV channels were pretty smooth and functional. I wasn’t able to check all 17k channels, but the ones I did were accurate.

VODs – Movies & Series

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With a massive number of channels of 17,000, SolarMedia also provides over 40,000 VOD content. The VOD covers movies and series with a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, science fiction, romance, horror, fantasy, family, children, and many others. You can easily play any of the movies by selecting one of them, and it will start playing in a matter of seconds.

Another impressive feature of Solarmedia is that they let you request specific movies and series. You can request any movies or series you’d like to be added and they will be added shortly. They have a separate category for VOD for requested contents.

Catch-up and PPV

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SolarMedia offers a three-day catch-up service for over 150 channels. I know that 150 catch-up channels is not a large number, but given the quality and quantity of channels available, I believe it is acceptable.

Pricing plans

SolarIPTV offers fair rates on its subscription packages. The price is comparable to what other IPTV service providers are offering in the market.

Package1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year


SolarMedia offers a 24-hour free trial that includes all features. Only available on weekdays, Monday through Thursday, and Friday through Sunday, there will be a ÂŁ 5-weekend pass available, or you can purchase a one-month pass.

Payment Methods

Solarmedia accepts payments through CryptoCurrency (BTC and ETH), Cashapp, and Paypal (through friends and family).

Customer Support

Solarmedia currently provides its Customer Support via Emails and Telegram.


  • Compatible with majority of devices
  • SD/ HD/ FHD/ UHD Live TV Channels
  • Emphasizes on Sporting and PPV Events
  • No Buffering and Freezing
  • 99.99% up time


  • Only 150 Catch-Up Channels
  • One device per connection


During my trial I found SolarMedia to have excellent stability, and no buffering or downtime. The customer service was excellent. The channels were running quite smoothly, and I had no issues with the VOD contents.

SolarMedia, an IPTV provider based in the United States and the United Kingdom, is unquestionably one of the best services available in the given location, with a vast selection of high-quality channels from all around the globe, consistent connection, and a reliable EPG experience.

Disclaimer: All IPTV Services might not be legal and whether it’s illegal for users to watch IPTV is down to individual countries’ laws . So, Always check IPTV legality and your country's laws and regulations before buying the subscription. This article doesn't promote or encourage viewers to buy Illegal IPTV Services.

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