Sony Smart TV Problems & Troubleshooting Guide 2021 [Working Solutions]

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Welcome to the article! It’s is going to be a very useful one to the freshers. Because the content is taking off to provide the best information to you all. Are you guessing what that is? Here, the article reveals basic particulars about one of the smart TVs. Are you searching for buying a Sony Smart TV? Before going to buy it, you need to know some basic details about Sony. Because it has some problems. So, now you can get the topic right? Yes, the article is going to explain the details of some problems with Sony TV. Do follow the article.

Table of Contents

Problems in Sony TV

Before using the Sony Smart TV, you need to encounter it. It’s one of the branded TVs in the world. But, it provides some troubles when using. Here is the list of problems.

Sony TV ProblemsSony TV Problems

Different Problems in Sony Smart TV And its solution

1)TV Turns Off and On at Random

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The initial problem is, it’s often turn off and on itself. For that, you can soft reset for Android TVs. Otherwise, you can also power reset for non-Android TVs.

For Android TVs

The steps are going to explain, how you can soft reset for Android TVs.

  • First, you need to hold the power button from your remote, and then point the remote control at the LED. This process continues until power off appears.
  • In the span of 60 seconds, the TV will reboot itself. If you are not able to reboot it, you can select the power button from your remote.
  • Otherwise, you need to consider the update of firmware.

For Non-Android TVs

This is for non-Android TVs. Do Follow the steps.

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  • Initially, switch off the TV and then unplug the power cord at least for a minute.
  • Then, you need to plug in the tv again and switch on the TV.
  • If you are not able to be comfortable with it, you can update the firmware.

Firmware Update Methods

This is one of the troubleshooting tools. There are two ways to update the firmware. The ways are,

  • You can automatically download the software.
  • It’s necessary to check the user manual of the TV.

2)Unresponsive Remote Control

You can have some remote problems. For that, you need to make sure you can fix the new and fresh remote batteries. Even after your remote provides the problem to you when fixing the new batteries, you need to reset your remote.

The steps are,

  • You need to remove the battery. Click the power button for three seconds.
  • Next Fix the battery.
  • Then, you need to clean the battery terminals. Sometimes the dust can increase the problem.

3)The TV has No Picture

Sometimes, it is not providing a clear picture to the users. For that, you should do the process of entering the Home Screen button. Then, you need to follow the following procedures.

  • You have to check for any loose connections between your external sources.
  • Then, you need to make sure, there is no signal interruption in watching television channels.
  • Otherwise, you can check through the television technician.

4)TV has No Sound

The audio quality of Song television is often abnormal. That time, you have to check whether your audio output is routed to some other things.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Choose the audio output of your TV.
  • Here you can select the proper sound system from the options of different speakers for different applications.

5)App is Unavailable for My TV

Sony Smart TV has its own selective installed applications. If you are not available to get your wanted app, that may be not installed in Google Play Store. So, it shows the particular app is unavailable on Sony TV.

6)App Not Working

Once you can install your favorite app and it’s not working, do one thing. You should clear the cache and data. The process is,

  • The first step is, go to the Settings option and choose the System Apps option.
  • Select the Clear cache. You need to check if the app works or not. If the app is not working, you need to clean the unwanted particulars.
  • The process fails, you can uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Are there any solutions to overcome the Sony TV problems?

Yes. You have some solutions for the troubles and issues. The above subject is providing the problems and their solutions too. Do check it.

Final Verdict

That’s all. The article comes to an end. The basic Sony TV problems encountered in this content. You can often face many issues with this Sony TV. So, before buying Sony Smart TV, you need to know what are all the problems you are going to face. According to that, you can compromise yourself and buy the Sony TV. These all are the basic hurdles within Sony TV. It also has some solutions to the issues. Hope the article can help you find a better way to buy the best TV to entertain yourself.

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