T-Mobile ends Sprint’s “Hulu on Us” promotion after acquisition – IPTV Live Streaming

T-Mobile will not continue a promotion with the Walt Disney Company’s adult-oriented streamer Hulu that saw Sprint customers earn a free subscription as part of their overall wireless service.

The affirmation comes as T-Mobile is in the final stages of integrating Sprint into its business after closing on a $31 billion deal to acquire the country’s fourth-largest wireless brand last year.

T-Mobile is expected to continue supporting Sprint and its customers for a little while longer, even as the company starts to sunset Sprint’s older-generation CDMA network in favor of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G wireless service.

Prior to the merger, some Sprint customers received a Hulu subscription for free as part of a perk called “Hulu on Us.” Those customers will continue to enjoy their free Hulu subscription as long as they maintain an eligible Sprint account, a T-Mobile representative confirmed this week.

The company is no longer activating new lines of service under the Sprint brands, which effectively means the “Hulu on Us” promotion has ended.

T-Mobile is giving Sprint customers with a compatible 4G LTE or 5G phone the option of exchanging their Sprint SIM card for a T-Mobile one, a move that effectively moves their account over from Sprint’s system to T-Mobile’s system.

That switch effectively changes a customer from Sprint to T-Mobile, which opens them up to other perks, including a $10 a month discount on YouTube and Philo’s streaming TV service and free access to Netflix on some plans. T-Mobile stopped offering its own streaming TV service called TVision last month.

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