Terrarium TV Not Working? Know the Reason and Solution to Fix it?

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Fix Terrarium TV Not Working: Terrarium TV is an android or mobile APK file and to watch it contains a library of movies and TV shows. Generally, from multiple online links the app fetches videos. The applications in the TV do not host or upload files, videos, or media files. Then, on its server, it does not store media stream links. All links fetched are from HD Quality and secure sources. Basically, for unlimited viewing of any video, you can use the app. You can fix Terrarium TV not working. 

Fix Terrarium TV Not WorkingFix Terrarium TV Not Working
How to Fix Terrarium TV Not Working issues

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How to Fix Terrarium TV not working issues?

Basically, many users of Terrarium TV complain that it is not working on their end from time to time. There are several reasons for not working on many platforms. You can fix the problems by trying to find out the problems on the Terrarium TV.

#1. Checking the internet connection

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#2. Using the recommended servers

#3. Using the MX Player

#4. Using a VPN

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#5. By fixing the issues in Terrarium TV servers.

#6. Clearing the app data

#7. After an update fixing the issues

#8. Fix the subtitles issues.

Checking the Internet connection

Generally, it means that the internet connection is poor if it has buffering issues. You must have a 3Mbps speed of minimum internet. Then from various sources, it fetches HD links and it needs 10 Mbps of higher speed internet. Basically, because of an ongoing outage, the internet connection may be slow.

It may be because ISP has capped your data usage or on the network, you may have heavy traffic. When you use more than allocated to you data throttling may happen. Hence data throttling you might have gone beyond your limits as you are streaming HD videos. It will not download any link if the connection is slow. To avoid such occurrences you need to upgrade to a new plan.  

Using the recommended servers

On the Android box, it gives you access to unlimited streaming links. Also, it does not store or upload videos. Generally, in various locations from the servers stationed it fetches links. You need to use the recommended servers to use the applications without issues.

Some of these serves include DropBox-FastServer, Amazon Drive, and Google Video among others. If you want to watch at fast speeds the server will deliver the videos. Also, it will reduce buffering to a greater extent. To improve your streaming service you should only use the recommended servers.  

Using the MX Player

The app will ask you to install a media player while installing the Terrarium TV. The app has no media player. For the app, you have to use the “YES Player” as the supported media player. You can use MX Player or VLC if you are not interested in using the Yes Player.

Using a VPN

If you are in a restricted area the app will not download movies. Geo-restricted content will not be downloaded. From many sources it fetches links and the sources might be either illegal or not.

Use a Virtual Private Server (VPN) to get around the issues. It will hide your streaming activities or online browsing. Then, you will be able to bypass ISP throttling, content geo-restrictions, and government surveillance.

By fixing the issues in Terrarium TV servers.

If there is a problem with the server with the hosting content you want to access it can stop working. Generally, from different servers, it only fetches the links to the videos which you want to watch. Then, from the hosting server, the device will try streaming the content once the link is open.

To fetch working links the app always tries. When streaming videos it can retrieve bad links which cause issues. If the hosting server is experiencing downtime or slow time a bad connection can occur. From time to time, you will experience buffering problems and the video will not open.

You can fix the issues if the problem exists with the hosting servers. The best solution is to open a link to a different server. Usually, server issues occur when trying to stream 4k content or HD. Generally, the problem arises when the server cannot handle huge streaming requests.

Clearing the app data

To refresh the Terrarium TV you need to clear app data. Also, you will be removing your settings when you clear data. Alternatively, to default settings, you will restore the app. You need to clear the cache on it to fix the buffering issues and remove dead links.

How to clear app data on an Android device?

Step 1:

On your Android device, move to the settings.

Step 2:

Then, click the applications.

Step 3:

Select the Managed installed application option.

Step 4:

Then, to locate Terrarium TV scroll down and click on it.

Step 5:

You will be seeing two options namely Cache Size and Data size.

Step 6:

Finally, to clear all those data to select the option “Clear Data.”

After an update fixing the issues

To fix the issues you just need to update the Terrarium TV. They add more features and fix many things the updates are crucial. Generally, the updates will add more links, add more content, and fix bugs to the app.

Fix the subtitles issues.

Your subtitles might not be available or the media player does not support subtitles. Then, the subtitles are out of sync. By using the media player you can fix these problems that support suppliers. An excellent example of a Media Player is MX Player. Generally, when downloading online it auto-syncs subtitles. While doing this from being out of sync it prevents the subtitles.


You can fix the fix Terrarium TV not working issues. Generally, you can fix all the problems by checking the internet connection, Using the recommended servers, Using the MX Player, Using a VPN, By fixing the issues in Terrarium TV servers, Clearing the app data, After an update fixing the issues Fix the subtitles issues. This article will be more helpful for you to identify and fix all the problems.

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