Test and review of the TX6 Android 9.0 TV Box

Nowadays, we are witnessing a rise in popularity of Android devices, which makes it difficult to choose between them. In this article, we will talk about the TX6 Android 9.0 TV Box.

What interests us is whether what is indicated in the product description is real, because these specifications are very interesting and correspond to our request when we wish to acquire an Android television box.

Description of the TV box

As indicated by the product name, this one has the latest version of Android. Result ? THE tx6 Android 9.0 TV Box has the latest performance on the market, which guarantees optimal use for years. Suitable for 4K plus HDR resolutions, the TX6 is usable on the latest Android operating system. So, by using this product, you will experience pure and clear images on the latest televisions released.

Regarding the RAM, this extends to 4 GB DDR3, with an internal storage space of 32 GB as well as a processor with a capacity of 64 bits. This product is tailored to your streaming requirements.

Unboxing and first impressions

In reality, seen from the outside, this product looks like all the other Android Boxes, but only one characteristic makes the difference: the size of this box. Located on the side, the ventilation holes are located alongside the USB ports as well as the other input ports: HMDI etc. The organization is unique.

TX6 Android TV Box 2

Still, we were disappointed with the remote’s lack of creativity and functionality. Its composition is made from materials that are not very innovative and inexpensive. Anyway, that’s the impression we got. We wouldn’t call it “bad”, but “basic”. However, we would like to emphasize the practicality of the external antenna. Easy to screw on, it is quite robust, which confirms the indications of the brand.

Now let’s talk about the brand. On the internet, you will find this box, exactly this box, under different brands. For example, on Amazon you will see DroiX, Funee Ronshin, GreatLizard, and more. They are all the same. the original manufacturer “Pendoo” (I believe) allows resale by changing the brand. But all TX6 models are the same, regardless of the brand indicated.

The Android TV6 box in use

Navigation is very fast. Regarding what was said previously in relation to the remote control, it does its job perfectly. No worries on that side.

For example, if you want to switch from one menu to another (streaming, settings etc.), you will notice that this is done very easily. For its price category, the TX6 Android 9.0 box is among the fastest. ALICE, the custom launcher in this box has a unique exterior appearance, perfectly functional for TVs with sizeable screens. It is also possible to customize several parameters through this launcher, something that we particularly appreciated.

TX6 Android TV Box3

The connectivity of this android box

The signal from the TX6 box is quite impressive. Indeed, we were able to connect to a 5GHz wifi signal through the dual-band wireless adapter. It really is a reliable system.

Contrary to many reviews of other IPTV / Android boxes, we can only praise Pendoo for the reliability of this device, even for streaming using fairly high UHD resolutions.

The speed of page loading as well as online streaming is quite high with a simple Wi-Fi connection. The signal is excellent, so perfect for anyone who wants to use it frequently, especially for streaming and its heavy loads.

The TX6’s image is also quite impressive. It is however not the best, but it is very interesting. The projected image is particularly vivid, provided you’re using a rugged HDTV.

TX6 Android TV Box

The features of the TX6 Android box

Extra features aren’t the point of the Box TX6. Indeed, we can mention the USB 3.0 port that is quite efficient for data transfer, as well as the 32 GB of internal storage. Point.

You will be satisfied with its acquisition if you these are the only features you are looking for. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more features, then it would be wise to focus your search on another product.

TANIX TX6 – Android TV Box Review

TANIX TX6 – Android TV Box – Allwinner H6 – 4+32GB – ALICE UX


What brand is TX6?

Tanix TX6 4GB/32GB Android 9 – Android TV.

What is the difference between TX6 and TX6S?

TX6S has better processing power. However, it lacks in advanced Bluetooth connectivity and secondary storage capability. 8)Both TX6 and TX6-A comes with USB 3.0 ports and supports 6K resolution content. 9) There lies only one band Wi-Fi support in TX6-A as compared to the other two smart TV boxes.

My opinion on the TX6 Android TV box

This box has an interesting value for money. But for an equivalent price, you can find better iptv boxes . It must be admitted, between the rather particular design (the antenna and the time displayed) and the competition which offers slightly better finished products, this box will have a hard time making its mark. It’s definitely not my first choice.

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