The Amazon Glow helps my kids bond with long-distance relatives, and yours can too while you save $180

These days, families can be spread out for various reasons. But there are still ways to contact family, and my kids have loved using their Amazon Glow to stay in touch with those we can’t visit in person as much as we’d like. If you and your family are in a similar predicament, definitely take advantage of this Prime Day deal to save $180 (opens in new tab) on an Amazon Glow of your own.

Video calling is a good way for kids and loved ones to stay in touch when they can’t be together. Still, if your kids are anything like mine, conversations can get a bit wild and tough to follow. The Amazon Glow lets families connect using both video calls while playing games, reading books, drawing, and more. 

In my review time with the Amazon Glow, my kids loved using the huge 19-inch projected touchscreen to enjoy the thousands of age-appropriate options available from Amazon Kids+. While the child is using the projected screen, the person on the other end of the call can use their smartphone or a tablet to see and interact with them simultaneously.

Amazon Glow

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With this deal, you’ll also get the really fun Tangram Bits with it. They are physical shapes that work with different games on the Glow — like working together to complete a puzzle. Your child uses the Tangram Bits to build the puzzle while the person on the other end moves digital pieces to help. 

But the Amazon Glow doesn’t have to only be used with others. Thanks to the ever-growing Amazon Kids+ platform, kids can play games and more by themselves. Your child can use both the projected screen and the 8-inch touchscreen to have fun with the Glow on their own. With the excellent parental controls in Amazon Kids+, you’ll be able to make sure your child can both have fun and be safe with the Glow.

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Amazon Glow with Tangram Bits | $330 $150 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The Amazon Glow is like a giant tablet and a small tablet combined. It comes with a video chat hub for kids that ensures they have fun and stay safe while keeping in touch with long-distance friends and family.

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This is the lowest the price has ever been for the Amazon Glow and is definitely worth checking out if you want to find a way for your child to be able to connect with friends and family that they don’t get to visit as often. 

Along with all the other amazing deals during Prime Day, there are some great sales on tablets like the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro and more. So don’t wait to pick up these fun and educational devices that can help your child play and bond with those who they otherwise wouldn’t due to time and distance.

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