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PlutoTVFireTVPlutoTVFireTVThere are two things that many cord cutters are looking for when adding services to their current setup – live TV and minimal cost. Pluto TV checks both of those boxes. With over 100 channels of content from around the web, this free service has become a fast favorite among cord cutters.

The Basics

Pluto TV is a free, ad-supported, streaming content service, offering TV shows and movies to viewers. The shows and movies available come from free sources, all over the web. Essentially, Pluto does the work of collecting content from all of those sources, and puts it in one convenient location.

Since launching in 2014, the streaming service has grown tremendously. WIth an average of 6 million monthly users, Pluto TV has become one of the most popular content streaming apps available. That growth and popularity have made the service a magnet for both funders and advertisers. The company has raised an incredible amount of money, along with attracting advertisers who air commercials during content streaming.

Plans and Pricing

Pluto TV is a free service. Just sign up with an email address and start watching on the website, your TV, or with the mobile app.

Supported Devices

In addition to the Pluto TV website, you can watch content on the following devices:

Pluto TV has a U.S desktop and mobile app, as well as an international desktop and mobile app.

Features and Content

After signing into Pluto, you can customize your viewing experience by going to the My Pluto section. There, you can browse all of the channels available on Pluto, by category. Available categories to choose from include:

  • News
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Curiosity
  • Chill Out
  • Movies
  • Music + Radio
  • Geek + Gaming
  • Sports
  • Life + Style

After choosing a category, you’ll see a list of available channels. Some are well known, and others are much more obscure. While you scroll through the list, you’ll find everything from a Nasa channel to Cats 24/7. Tap on an eye icon to hide the channel from your lineup, or tap the heart icon to keep it on your list.

You may not find your favorite prime time channels or news stations on Pluto, but there are solid options in every category. CNBC and Bloomberg TV are among the news channels, The Onion and Cracked have you covered in comedy, and there’s always a random channel to try out.

Other streaming services will most likely still be your go to for movies. However, Pluto has their own list of movie channels, based on genre. There are channels dedicated to horror, action, and classic films, among others.

Pluto also has a list of radio stations available, in a variety of genres. Choose from your favorite music style, different decades, or the vibe you’re in the mood for.

Going to the Movies & Shows tab will let you browse content, based on categories chosen by Pluto TV. You’ll find typical categories like Action and Comedy, along with much more specific categories like Extreme Docs for Extreme Dudes and A Bunch of Kooky Characters.

Pluto TV most likely won’t be your only streaming service, or even your go to. However, it’s a fun and free service that is absolutely worth trying out.

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