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How to choose a Smart TV
How to choose a Smart TV

Smart TVs have been around for a couple of years and millions of people all over the world have at least one device at home. You probably have heard about them more and more frequently than other types of TVs. But what does the word “smart” mean anyway?

What is a Smart TV?

A smartphone is not anything new anymore. Nowadays, most people will not spend money on a phone that cannot download any apps but only has pre-installed apps on the phone. A smartphone on the other hand allows you to install various popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

A TV is called a smart TV because it has somewhat similar functionalities to your smartphone. It can connect to the internet without the need for a set-top box or streaming device. Every smart TV has its own built-in app store and you can download any apps that are available in the app store on your TV when connected to the internet.

All AirBeamTV apps work with the most popular TV brands in the market. Basically it comes down to choosing your favorite operating system on your new Smart TV!

Advantages of Smart TVs

If you plan to buy a TV in 2022 and expect to use it for a long time, choosing a Smart TV is the best option! You are no longer passively watching the channels you may not even like. Instead, you can actively search for content you want to see one your TV.

  • Have access to the internet
  • Combine the features of a TV and a computer
  • Come with a variety of built-in apps

Picking the Right OS is Paramount

You can find smartphones using, mostly, Android or iOS operating systems in the market. Android devices have Google Play Store, whereas iOS users have access to the Apple App Store. It should be a simple choice, but yet, choosing between these two operating systems can give you a hard time. The same happens when it comes to finding the right smart TV with the right operating system (OS). It isn’t an easy job! There are so many different operating systems to choose from and lots of nuances to that.

How many operating systems are there? Which OS is most suitable? We’ve got the answers to all your most frequently asked questions about smart TVs’ OS. Check the following overview and discover the best TV for you:

OSPopular BrandsFeatures
Android TV            Hisense








The most common smart TV OS.

Google account needed to download apps

WebOSLGThe easiest and fastest OS

No account needed to download apps

TizenOSSamsungLinux-based operating system

Samsung account needed to download apps

Roku TVTCL, Element, Insignia, Philips, Sharp, RCA, Hitachi, and Hisense.Learns what you like and suggests new content from all the apps you have installed on the OS.

If you live outside of the U.S, most of the channels are NOT available

Fire TVFire TV Stick

 Fire TV

 Fire TV Cube

Smart TVs with Fire TV built-in (“Fire TV Edition” smart TVs)


Limited apps in the Amazon Appstore

No Google Play Store

Do you already have a Smart TV? Download the right app for your smart television brand

Start Using Your Smart TVs together with your iPhone or iPad

Needless to say, you bring your phone everywhere you go with you because it has everything you need. It is small and portable, super convenient. But sometimes you find it exhausting to keep staring at a small screen and you struggle to share the content on your phone to other people. Nobody expects you to take an HDMI cable out of your pocket like a magical wand. So, what can you do? There are two ways to screen mirror your iOS and macOS devices wirelessly.


You can always mirror your screen by using the built-in AirPlay function. However, not every TV supports AirPlay. Currently, you can only find four TV brands enables this function: LG, Samsung, Sony, and VIZIO. It is important to note that NOT ALL MODELS from these brands support this function.

Check here to see if your TV supports AirPlay:

If you can find your TV on the list, then you can follow this guide to use the AirPlay feature:

If your TV does not support AirPlay, what can you do?
Discover AirBeamTV Mirroring Apps

AirBeamTV Screen Mirror Apps

AirbeamTV offers the most popular solution to mirror the screen and audio of your iOS and macOS devices to most smart TVs. You don’t need extra wires nor additional hardware! You can stream any app from your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to your television.

iPhone screen mirroring video
iPhone screen mirroring video

In this quick step by step guide, you can understand how to mirror your iPhone or iPad to TV:

Step 1: Download the app for your TV brand

You can download the app by clicking this link: or directly from your App Store.

iPhone apps of AirBeamTV
iPhone apps of AirBeamTV

Step 2: Connect your app and TV to the same network

Make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same router as your smart TV.

Select your Samsung TV for iPhone app
Select your Samsung TV for iPhone app

Step 3: Select content and start mirroring. You are all set!
It really is that simple!

Now, instead of asking your friends and family to gather around the small screen on your iPhone or iPad to show your vacation photos and videos, you can install the app on your phone or tablet to cast everything you see to a much bigger screen. You can also use it when exercising with your fitness apps, watching online courses, live streams, and live news. The entire experience will be much more exciting when casting them on a bigger screen.

Screen Mirroring for MacBook

You can also download the app on your Mac to start mirroring your Mac or MacBook to TV.

Screen mirror app for MacBook
Screen mirror app for MacBook

Do you own a Mac and looking for an easy way to stream pictures, movies, apps or presentations to your smart TV? With AirBeamTV’s screen mirroring app you can mirror your MacBook, Mac or iMac on your smart TV of choice. No need for HDMI cables or additional adapters: as long as your computer is connected to the same local network as your TV, you are ready to go! Just make sure to install the free audio driver to get the sound working.

DRM or content blocking explained

DRM protected apps will block the mirroring function for our app (and mirror apps in general). For instance, Netflix, Disney, AppleTV+, and Hulu have decided to block this. The best way to check if an app has DRM limitation enabled is to perform a regular ‘screen recording’ selecting the camera roll as destination (not our app). If the recording turns up with either a white or black screen, DRM protection is enabled and you cannot mirror that particular app.

Pro tip: many but not all streaming services work on our Mac screen mirroring apps when you stream from Chrome or Firefox browser (not for iTunes movies or Apple TV).

Now, go ahead and choose that one smart TV suits you the best and start interacting with your iOS and MacOS devices!

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