Time 4 TV Review: Watch Over 200 Live Channels Online for Free

What if I told you that even after ditching the cable company, you’ll still have dozens of ways to watch streams without having to subscribe to premium services? Sounds unreal? But much to your surprise, you can watch TV online for free.

Not just free-to-air channels but even the most premium channels can be found online airing for free. All you need is some time and a lot of patience. Because today, we’ll be reviewing a rare IPTV gem on the internet. It’s called Time 4 TV.

What is Time 4 TV?

Time 4 TV is one of the most popular IPTV websites in the world. It mainly features content from the US and the UK. The main content that you’ll find on the network ranges between news and sports. Some of the news channels even cater to the rest of the European countries. Additionally, you’ll find entertainment and infotainment channels. We’ll discuss them in detail below.

How to access Time 4 TV?

If you’re from the US or the UK, you will be able to access the website without any restrictions.

Why should you stream on Time 4 TV?

Sky Sports Premier League, HBO, Starz, and Comedy Central are some of the many premium channels available on this website for free. There are more than 200 channels that provide you with a comprehensive TV viewing experience with content covering news, sports, and entertainment. So, whether you’re in the mood to check the news or you want to watch some wrestling on TNT, you can do so thanks to Time 4 TV’s expansive content library.

Exceptional Sports Coverage

As a sports lover who is having a hard time paying for Cable TV, you probably must’ve been sleeping on this site. And for a long period of time, I was too. But when I saw the number of sports channels offered on Time 4 TV, I realized I had to write this review on this website. On Time 4 TV, you can watch live streams of a variety of sports such as Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Motorsport, Snooker, Cycling, Rugby Union, Golf, Boxing, and Volleyball. All those sports are covered on channels such as Sky Sports, BT Sports, ESPN, Ten Sports, Canal+, iTV, Box Nation, NFL Network, Neo Sports, or WWE Network, you’ll find those channels on this platform.

Content Segregation

I love websites that keep their content organized. They play to their strengths and keep things straightforward. This approach makes the browsing experience much more seamless. For instance, if you want to watch Sports and there are no categories, you’ll have to scroll through the baggage of channels to find the ideal channel. On the contrary, when you have different niches listed as categories and the channels as subcategories, finding the content becomes hassle-free.

Schedule Page

Though I’m not a huge fan of the way the content has been placed on this page, I just love the developer’s efforts. There’s an entire list of events that are going to take place on a particular day across different sports – Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Motorsport, Snooker, Cycling, Rugby Union, and Volleyball.

Decent Streaming

Time 4 TV does have an expansive content library but it’s getting popular because of its streaming capabilities. It offers a decent live-streaming experience. Sure, there are discrepancies such as mistimed clicks and redirection, but that’s present in every free content aggregator website. The problem exists till you start streaming, once you’ve started, then you won’t face any issues.


Time 4 TV’s design is much better than most of the free IPTV websites out there. It’s subtle and isn’t over the top in any way. The grey tones with black accents look cool. The only problem I have with the design is that the channel thumbnails aren’t of the proper size. They’ve been cluttered in a small box and thus most logos are stretched. But that’s not a big issue as in a weird way it’s kind of attracting your attention.


The header has a dark gray color as opposed to the background which has light grey. In the header section, you’ll find seven options – Home, Schedule, All Channels, Sports Channels, UK Channels, USA Channels, and News Channels. Most of these categories have subcategories with over dozens of channels (we’ll look at those in the content section).

Hero Section

The Hero Section on Time 4 TV is exactly what you’d expect on an IPTV website. There’s a video player that dominates the majority of the section along with a chatbox on the right. The live stream has a sharing button that can be used to share the stream with your friends. Under the chatbox on the right, you can find a Facebook page which at the time of writing this review has 145 likes.


This is possibly one of the only sections that I don’t really like on this website. It is filled with thumbnails of channels that aren’t optimized. Though they attract your attention at first, you’ll have a hard time viewing them for a long. For instance, Sky Sport’s logos look decent but BT Sports’s logos just look forced into the block. All of this makes the body section appear quite cluttered.


The footer on Time 4 TV is black in color with a combination of white and orange text. There are three main options in the footer – Troubleshooting & FAQs, Live TV Channels, and Contact Us.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on the website are absolutely identical to the homepage. A streaming player, live chat option, and social media plug, followed by unoptimized thumbnails. Even the color combination is quite similar to what you saw on the homepage.


In my opinion Time 4 TV’s strength is its content. It hooks you with a vast content library capable of providing you with a sound TV viewing experience. If you love to watch sports, news, or entertainment channels, you’ll probably have a great time on this website.

Unlike most websites, where content is primarily sorted based on the countries, Time 4 TV begs to differ. Herein, you’ll have content diversified based on the channels. Thus, you’ll find the sports channels under one category, news channels under a separate category, and entertainment-related channels under another category.

News Channels: Sky, BBC, CBS, RT News, MSNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, C-Span, CNN, ABC, and NBC Live.

Entertainment channels: Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney, HBO, History Channel, FX Network, Investigation Discovery, TruTV, National Geographic, SyFy, TBS, TNT, TruTV, and the USA Network.

Premium channels: HBO, Starz, Canal+, Telemundo, NFL Network, Baseball Channel, FXX, and Bravo

Sports channels: Sky Sports – Main Event, Action, Drama, Arena, Football, Golf, Mix, Premier League, Bundesliga, and News. Other than Sky Sports, you’ll find BT Sports – 1, 2 and 3, Canal Sports+, BeIN Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN HD, ESPN Mobile, Gol TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, NEO Prime, Ten Sports, Golf Channel, TSN 1-5.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I’m not a huge fan of streaming IPTV websites through my mobile phone. The streaming experience is frustrating 99% of the time as new tabs keep opening with every other click. On a desktop, it’s easier to navigate and close the tabs which makes it less frustrating. The streaming player and menus are filled with discrepancies not necessarily through ads but forced misclicks.

Nonetheless, once the stream started, I didn’t face any issues on my Dell laptop. If you have a steady internet connection, I’m sure your streaming experience will be smooth too.

Plans & Pricing

Time 4 TV is a free IPTV streaming website. It doesn’t require you to pay any fee – one-time or subscription.

Suggestions I have for Time 4 TV

Though it’s a good website, I feel that the user experience can improve further by optimizing the thumbnails, improving the stream player’s design, and the schedule page layout.

How to Watch Time 4 TV on Firestick/Fire TV

As mentioned previously, Time4TV can be watched using any internet-connected device.

If you are using a Windows PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, simply visit the following URL on any web browser –

Below you will find instructions for watching the Time4TV streaming site on the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. These same steps will work on any Fire TV or Android device.

1. Hover over Find within the main menu and click Search.

Time4TV on Firestick

2. Type in “Silk Browser.” Click the first option that appears.

Time4TV on Firestick 2

3. Click the Amazon Silk Browser under Apps & Games.

Time4TV on Firestick 3

4. Click Download.

Time4TV on Firestick 4

5. Wait a few seconds for the Silk Browser to install then click Open.

Time4TV on Firestick 5

6. Launch the Silk Browser and click the search box.

Time4TV on Firestick 6

7. Enter the following URL – https://time4tv.stream and click Go.

Time4TV on Firestick 7

8. That’s it! You can now watch hundreds of free channels using Time4TV on your Firestick/Fire TV.

Time4TV on Firestick 8

We suggest adding this site to your Bookmarks so you can easily return to it in the future.

For more information on the streaming website, refer to the video below.

Time 4 TV FAQ

What is Time 4 TV?

Time4TV is a streaming website that provides hundreds of free live channels.

What Channels does Time 4 TV have?

Time4TV has hundreds of channels in several categories including news, entertainment, international, religion, and more.

Is this IPTV Website Free?

Yes. This IPTV website is 100% free to use on any streaming device.

What Devices can this IPTV Website be used on?

This IPTV website is available for use on any device that can connect to the internet. This includes the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, Android devices, Windows PC, Mac, phones, tablets, and more.


If you want to watch the news, sports, or entertainment content and don’t want to shell out $80-$100 every month, Time 4 TV is a website you totally should check out. It has something for everyone.

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