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Being a cord-cutting enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the best IPTV service providers which I can use myself and recommend to my peers. With thousands of premium channels with a better service at a fraction of the price, who would not want to join our cord-cutting train? However, there are times when I hear about an IPTV service that goes belly up and shuts down. 

That is why whenever I am purchasing an IPTV subscription or recommending it to someone, I am always on the lookout for a safe and secure service.

Well, here in this article I am going to be writing about the Best Flawless IPTV Alternative. You should note that all of these IPTV services have been used by yours truly and I am willing to defend each and every one of these for the quality of the service they provide. 

As an IPTV enthusiast, there are not many services that I have found shutting down, however once in a blue moon, an IPTV service gets the book thrown at them due to allegations of piracy which sometimes is not far from the truth.

However, the IPTV services I am going to recommend are all being used by me or at some point, I have used them. So you do not need to worry about them being shut down anytime soon.

Without further ado, let us get right into our topic about the best Flawless IPTV Alternative. You might need to grab a hot beverage because this article is going to be a long one so let us get right into it,

What Happened To Flawless IPTV?

Flawless IPTV had been a provider of IPTV service and had a large customer base. Their service was extremely reliable just like clockwork till just one day their subscribers woke up one morning and saw that everything was gone.

Their website was taken down and no one could log in into their IPTV subscription. Flawless went radio silent and their customers were left scratching their heads. 

What was more frustrating about this sudden shutdown was that the people who were newer subscribers of their service and those who had renewed their subscription did not even get a refund for the service they paid for.

I dug deep into the topic and scoured online forums where I finally found out what actually happened to this service that was loved by so many people from around the world. 

What I found was somewhat shocking however I was not surprised as their offices and server locations were raided by police after many allegations of distribution of copyrighted content. Turns out the service they provided to their customer was using pirate satellites and their Video-On-Demand service was full of shows that were never licensed to them.

Licenses for many of the shows were extremely expensive which a small operation like Flawless IPTV could never afford which is why they moved to the illegal practice of distributing copyrighted content.

Well, If you want to avoid being in such a catch-22 situation where you lose your service and your money, then you need to look for services that you are sure are using legal and licensed content.

However, you can also do the practice of IPTV service hopping which can be frustrating and you never know when you are going to lose the service due to allegations of Piracy. 

So, with that out of the way, let me get right into my recommendations for Flawless IPTV Alternatives. Note that I have used these services and this list is made up of some of my favorite IPTV services that I have been using for years.

As far as I am concerned, I have not noticed any shady activity from these IPTV service providers so I believe that you are going to be in good hands if you end up switching to any of them.

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Best Flawless IPTV Alternative 2021

As I scoured the forums, diving deep into researching what happened to Flawless IPTV, one thing that I found was that they were an extremely loved company by their subscribers.

Most of the people swore by the service they provided and many of them were sad that they had to go. However, these strong allegations of Piracy have made it hard for me to take them in any positive light.

I am a staunch supporter of creators getting paid for their work and if anyone wants to distribute their works, they need to pay the original creators. 

That is the reason, the IPTV providers I am going to recommend today are free from any allegations of piracy according to my own research.,

let us get right into the best Flawless IPTV alternative.

1. Xtreme HD IPTV 

The very first pick on my list of the best flawless IPTV alternative is XtremeHD IPTV. I have been a long-time subscriber of service and I have never faced any problem with their service.

Xtreme HD IPTV features a huge arsenal of 19000 channels from around the world which include all the premium channels you will ever want to watch. All your favorite News, Cinema, Drama, Sports, and Kids channels are in the package provided by XtremeHD IPTV. 

What’s more, is that all of their channels are in their best native quality which makes them a great replacement for Flawless IPTV. Xtreme HD IPTV also has a huge collection of 40000 Video-On-Demand services which include the best TV shows and movies from around the world.

I use my subscription to go on a binge-watching spree all the time and their Anti Freeze technology never lets me face any buffering even when my internet is feeling a little bit under the weather. 

Xtreme HD IPTV also offers its subscribers an electronic programming guide with their services. This helpful guide allows its users to always be aware of what they are watching which makes it a great addition.

They are also compatible with a wide range of devices like Androids, iOS, and Windows devices making it a great option for everyone who wants a great IPTV service.

If you get any problems while using XtremeHD IPTV, One of the things I am extremely pleased about is that they are very accessible and easy to reach out to.

They have a phone number which you can call at any hour of the day to get your problem solved whenever you want. They also have an email address which they are quick to check along with a live chat button right there on their website. So, for their customer service, they get an A+ grade from me. 

You can get your XtremeHD IPTV service using your preferred payment methods like Paypal, Credit Card, Payoneer, and many more. However, the absence of cryptocurrency for payment would have me dock a mark from them. 

So, if you are on the fence about pulling the trigger, you can try their trial for just 3 dollars for 24 hours so that you can make up your mind about getting the complete package.

I believe the trials should be free, however, I have heard from many providers that people often misuse free trials which is why they ask for a small fee.

Xtreme HD IPTV Review

Key Features

  • A huge list of 19000 channels from around the world. 
  • Over 40000 Video-On-Demand which include the best TV shows and movies.
  • A beneficial Electronic Programming Guide is included.
  • A wide range of compatible devices.
  • Great customer service providing round-the-clock service.


  • 4K infrastructure needs to be developed for users.
  • Does not support cryptocurrency as a payment option.
  • The trial is not Free.

2. IPTV Trends 

IPTV Trends has been one of my personal favorites and I love their service for the sheer ease of use. When I first bought my very own IPTVTrends subscription for review purposes, I was blown away by the speed of their service as I got my activation in just 15 minutes. They were not kidding when they said instant activation. 

However, that is not the only thing I liked about IPTVTrends. The service they provide is also second to none. You will be blown away just like I was by the magnitude of the channels as they, just like XtremwHD IPTV, have 19000 live TV channels under their belt.

There is no way that you are ever going to be running out of content to watch with IPTVTrends. If something catches your eye and you want to watch it later, you can very easily record those shows as well.

What’s more about these channels is that most of them are in FullHD or 4K which gives you the best visual quality and their servers are so stable that you will never notice any buffering while watching your favorite live TV shows. You also get a built-in Electronic Programming Guide with your IPTVTrends subscription. 

The Video-On-Demand services from IPTVTrends are also in a class of their own as their service features some 56000 Movies and TV shows.

The sheer quantity of this content will not let you think twice about canceling your Netflix subscription as everything you would ever want to watch is already there to watch on IPTVTrends.

IPTVTrends is a great service and they want that their service is accessible to all of their potential customers which is why they are compatible with a wide range of devices.

The list of compatible devices includes all Android Phones, Android Boxes, Smart TVs, Windows PC, Linux, macOS and so many more. You will be hard-pressed to find a device that is not compatible with IPTVTrends.

So as long as you are not using an old Nokia N95 to access your IPTVTrends subscription or any other phone from that era, then I believe you will be in good hands. 

The Customers services aspect of an IPTV provider is what differentiates it from its competitors. IPTVTrends also has a great customer support staff that is just a phone call away and they listen to you patiently as they address your problem.

They also have a Live Chat button on their website along with an email address which makes them one of the easiest IPTV providers to reach out to. Certain subscription packages also allow you to be contacted using Whatsapp, which is another plus in my eyes. 

You can pay for your IPTVTrends subscription using your Credit or Debit Card. I would have liked it a lot more if we had the option to pay for the service using Cryptocurrency, however, the current payment options do the job correctly. 

IPTV Trends Review

Key Features

  • A huge list of over 19000 Premium channels from around the world.
  • 56000 Movies and TV Shows on the Video-On-Demand Service which gets constant updates. 
  • An electronic Programming Guide is available. 
  • Great Customer service. 
  • Whatsapp support with certain packages. 
  • Channels are in their best native quality up to 4K.


  • Cryptocurrency as a payment option would have been appreciated.

3. Kemo IPTV

The third pick on my list for the best Flawless IPTV alternative includes a small IPTV operation that is widely known as Kemo IPTV.

I did not have much experience with their service as I read their name on a forum and one guy was swearing about the services they provide. That is when I decided that I need to give it a try, Lo, and Behold! It is now on my list of the best contenders for Flawless IPTV replacement. 

First things first, I would never give up my IPTVTrends subscription in favor of Kemo IPTV as I believe that service is a lot superior to this one. However, if you are looking for a standalone and reliable IPTV subscription service then you will not go wrong with Kemo IPTV.

As I said earlier, I bought the Kemo IPTV subscription service just to try it out. I did not bother with the IPTV free trial as I do not have enough time on my hands which is why I paid for the entire month.

I must say, this service packs a good punch. With over 15000 channels in their huge growing list, Kemo has everything and more you will want from an IPTV service.

Yes! Their channels are limited to Standard Definition and High Definition however if you are in the market for a reliable IPTV service then this is a good option. 

You also get a huge collection of 9600 TV shows and movies on their Video-On-Demand list which is more content than anyone would ever watch in their entire lifetime.

However, this list does not get updates as often as I would like to so there are better options if you are a VOD enthusiast. Kemo IPTV also has stable servers which make their service just as buffer free as IPTVTrends. 

Moving on to the customer service aspect of Kemo IPTV, they can be contacted with your problem using their Live chat and Skype. They also have a phone number where they can be reached directly with your queries. 

Kemo IPTV Review

Key Features:

  • A wide range of compatible devices. 
  • 15000 premium channels from around the world. 
  • 9600 Movies and TV shows on Video On Demand. 
  • Great Stable servers.
  • Great Customer support.
  • Free trial for all new customers.


  • Many channels are limited to Standard definitions. 

4. Venom IPTV

Our budget pick for our list of the best Flawless IPTV alternative goes to the fine folks at Venom IPTV. Getting an IPTV subscription is as cheap as it can get however there are many redundant channels that many of the subscribers do not care to watch.

What if we had an IPTV service that only placed quality over quantity and only gave us the channels we want to watch? This too by giving us a huge discount compared to other picks on our list.

Well, the answer to that question is that you get yourself a Venom IPTV subscription. With this, you have the ability to remove all the fluff and only watch what you want to watch.

With just north of 800 channels on their list, their lineup includes all the best premium channels you will want to watch. These channels include all the News, Kids, Cinema, and Sports channels that are important to you.

The primary language of most of the channels from Venom IPTV is English so all these 800 channels are what you want to watch.

Venom IPTV apart from offering quality channels at a very low price has also chosen to cut down its cost by skipping Video-On-Demand services.

They could have offered a lively VOD service however to cut down the licensing cost and keep the service affordable, they have chosen to skip it entirely. 

The quality of most of the channels is in Standard Definition and some are in HD however I cannot find a reason to complain just because this service is too light on the wallet.

Venom IPTV is compatible with a wide range of devices which include all Android Phones and Boxes, Apple devices, Windows PC, and more. 

So, If you are looking for a barebones IPTV service that actually offers you the channels you want to watch at a low price then Venom IPTV is the way to go. 

Venom IPTV Review

Key Feature

  • The service is extremely affordable.
  • 800 Live TV Channels which you are going to watch.
  • Stable servers.
  • Good Customer care service.
  • Wide range of device compatibility.


  • No Video-On-Demand service.
  • No Cryptocurrency support.

What is the best Alternative to Flawless IPTV?

If you were paying attention during the entire article then I do not think I need to say anything more about all of this great alternatives to Flawless IPTV. However, I would still like to condense my thoughts here as my closing remarks to neatly tie this entire thing.

I have been using all of these IPTV services myself and I stand by everything I say about them. You will not go wrong by getting a subscription from any of them.

However, If you want to know which one is the best then I would give that title to IPTVTrends just because of how much I like their service. Most of their channels are in 4K and your account gets activated within minutes of you giving your money to them. Their vibrant channel and VOD list are also some of the best in the industry, So IPTVTrends is the best IPTV service in my eyes.

A close second place goes to XtremeHD IPTV which does lose a few points because it does not have support for 4K channels. However, you can pick any of the two and you are going to have a great experience.

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Kemo IPTV is also a good service however that is limited to standard and high definition which can be a turn-off for many IPTV subscribers.

However, If you are on a tight budget and still want an IPTV experience with the channels you want to watch and No Video On Demand Services then Venom IPTV is one of the best IPTV services for you.  

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