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Internet Protocol TV is getting a lot of attention from many individuals throughout the world because it supports multiple platforms and has fewer requirements than cable networks. To use this service, a user just needs to have a specific application to use either M3U Playlist, Xtream Codes API or a specific Code to log in to their service.

Considering this I have already shared plenty of players for the various devices but in this article, I am going to share with you the Best IPTV Player For mac. Before writing this article I just searched on google about this but unfortunately, there were very limited searches that make me a little bit sad.

It is because I own an M1 Chip-based Macbook Pro so I was willing to watch my live channels on it instead of Windows PC. Later after seeing this I then manually search for these apps and then install them on my device. It took a few hours and I was finally able to get some good media players that I am going to share with you.

Top 5 Best IPTV Players For Mac

The Apple Mac is a great machine when it comes to hardware and software optimisation; however, I still come across applications that are absolute rubbish and work poorly.

I had to search long and hard to narrow down my list to these Top 5 Best IPTV Players for Mac.

So if you get yourself an IPTV subscription and use any of these applications for your IPTV needs, I assure you that you will have the best experience. 


The first entry in our list of the best IPTV Players for Mac goes to GSE Smart IPTV. This IPTV Player has everything you need and more for you to watch your IPTV subscription.

With this application, you can log in to any of your IPTV subscriptions using M3U and JSON formats. You can watch all your favourite shows and TV with optimum ease with the GSE Smart IPTV application. 

If you have multiple IPTV subscriptions, you can easily manage them in the GSE Smart IPTV App. You do not need to install anything else for multi-account management. To change the flavour of your IPTV experience, this application also allows you to change the theme, giving you a more fresh experience. 

The GSE Smart IPTV application is feature-rich and gives you everything you need for your IPTV subscription. You can watch Live Tv, Video-On-Demand services, Pay-Per-View events, and so much more in this one application. 

Electronic Programming Guide is also available on the GSE Smart IPTV application in the XML, GZ and ZIP format. The helpful EPG support will ensure that you always have some information about your current shows. 

For the people who like to watch media directly from their local drive, The GSE Smart IPTV Player App has a powerful built-in media player application that can play every single format you can throw at it.

The local media also allows you to import any subtitles files for the show you are watching. 

You can also record your favourite TV shows and movies directly to your local storage using the GSE Smart IPTV Application. I have tested this feature extensively as I like to record some shows for later viewing, and the result is excellent. All the shows were of the best quality, and I did not see any jitters or frame drops in the final result. 

For the Parents out there, GSE Smart IPTV Player has the functionality of Parental Control, keeping your children safe from the content they are not supposed to watch.

The GSE Smart IPTV Application also supports many languages, including Arabic, English, Czech, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, French, and so many more. You can switch between all these languages dynamically.


  • You can record your favourite shows. 
  • Supports M3U, JSON and Xtream Codes API for IPTV sign in.
  • The Application is very beginner-friendly.
  • You get support for Electronic Programming Guide in the application.
  • You also get Parental Control.
  • The Application supports AirPlay.
  • Multi-account management.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Support for Multiple Themes. 
  • Very Powerful Built-In Media Player with support for most formats.

IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters is another entry on our list, becoming one of my preferred go-to IPTV Player Applications. This Application has all the bells and whistles you would want from an IPTV player.

First and foremost, you can watch your IPTV subscription by signing in using M3U and Xtream API. This makes IPTV Smarter compatible with most IPTV Subscriptions available in the market.

Apart from your favourite Live TV Channels, Movies and Shows, You can also listen to Radio using IPTV Smarters. If you are using and managing multiple IPTV Subscriptions, IPTV Smarter is a great IPTV Application for you as it supports various account management. 

IPTV Smarters has a powerful inbuilt video player that can support all the video formats under the sun; however, you can add external video players if you are not feeling it. You can also record any of your favourite shows using IPTV Smarters so that you can watch them later on. 

Suppose you are a busy person and sometimes miss your favourite shows. In that case, IPTV Smathers has you covered as it has the catch-up or Time-Skip Media functionality, which will be able to bring you up to speed by letting you watch your missed shows up to a specific interval.

IPTV Smarter supports a detailed Electronic Programming Guide and gives you all the information you want to know. This includes things like the Movie or series information, Stream logo and season information. 

For those concerned about their privacy and who do not like their Internet service Provider snooping through their internet data, IPTV Smarters allows for VPN Integration. This will keep all of your information safe from third parties so that you can have maximum privacy.

You can also watch your favourite shows stored on your local media using IPTV Smarters using its powerful built-in video player. 

For the people who have small children inside their household, IPTV Smarters gives you the necessary Parental controls which will keep your children away from the shows they are not supposed to be watching.


  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • A very intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Supports M3U and Xtream API for IPTV Sign In.
  • Support picture in picture mode so that you can watch multiple things at the same time.
  • VPN integration for better privacy.
  • A very detailed Electronic Programming guide.
  • Parental Controls to keep your kids away from mature content.
  • Support for Radio Streaming.


One of the more serious and all business applications on our list is TVStreams. Once you open this application, it presents you with a feeble first impression.

The User Interface feels clunky and has a lot of information that you would imagine a computer engineer would understand. However, once you get some perspective and know how it works, this becomes an excellent IPTV application. Like an acquired taste, TVStreams will make you work for it to get it working; however, once you are done setting it up, you get an excellent IPTV experience. 

With TV Streams, you get a huge number of formats to sign in to your IPTV Application. These include all the essential formats like XML, JSON and M3U.

This support for these formats becomes a saving grace as it can sign into almost any IPTV provider in the world. The picture quality of the streams on TV Streams is also great, and you can watch all your shows with ease. 

TV streams give you the support for Electronic Programming Guide to never feel lost while watching TV as it gives you all the essential information you need about what you are currently watching. 

As I said earlier, TV streams were an all business application for IPTV, which meant that we do not have support for other things like Video-On-Demand, Pay-Per-View Events and Catch-up. However, for Live TV, there are not many applications that can outperform it. 


  • Ability to sign in to IPTV using XML, JSON and M3U URLs.
  • Electronic Programming Guide
  • The ability to test Streams.
  • The ability to import and export databases.
  • The ability to create custom channels.
  • The Ability to Create Electronic Programming Guide.

Online IPTV

Online IPTV is yet another contender on our list in the lineup of the best IPTV players for the Mac. This application can sign into all IPTV subscriptions, allowing you to watch your favourite shows and movies.

Online IPTV supports all IPTV providers that support M3U URLs, making it a great and very easy to use IPTV Player.

When you open Online IPTV for the first time, you are greeted with a very simple and easy to use User Interface which can be navigated through very easily.

There is no industry jargon which makes it very beginner-friendly. You can sort all of your favourite channels into different categories. There is also support for as many playlists as you want for these channels.

With Online IPTV, you can watch everything you want to watch on an IPTV Player ranging from Live TV, Movies, Sports, News, and so many more. 


  • You can sign in using M3U Playlists.
  • You can categorise channels.
  • The ability to create and manage unlimited playlists.
  • Whenever the connection is broken, the reconnection is done automatically.
  • A very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


Kodi is not just a simple IPTV application. It is a massive community of enthusiastic people who are doing their best to make the Kodi application the best media player application on the market.

Kodi is a vast platform where you can watch your IPTV subscription and do so much more at the same time. Let us get into the features one by one.

You can use Kodi to watch your IPTV subscriptions using formats like M3U, JSON, and so many more. You can also sign into multiple IPTV subscriptions and manage them all at the same time. You will not need any other application once you have Kodi installed on your device.

You can watch Live TV and Movies using the Kodi IPTV application. You can watch all your favourite stuff without you needing to do much.

If you have movies and TV shows stored in your local media drive, you can use Kodi to play them using the inbuilt and extremely powerful media player that makes easy work of most of the media formats. 

The PVR functionality on the Kodi application can record your Live TV shows and movies to be watched at a later time. The Kodi App also has functionality for time-skip-media, which lets you watch any shows that you may have missed.

One other thing that makes Kodi very different from most media applications is the addons from the Kodi repositories; you can add on more and more features by downloading them from the repository making Kodi your own by customising it. The repository has features, games, and so much more.

You can also change the theme for your Kodi application as there are hundreds of themes available to download on the Kodi Repository uploaded by all enthusiastic Kodi users.

So if you are looking for an application that you can customise and fully make your own, then Kodi is the best application for you.


  • A highly customisable media player.
  • The ability to play all IPTV subscriptions.
  • Sign into M3U, Json, Xtream API.
  • Video On Demand and Pay per view functionality.
  • Ability to play games by downloading them from the repository.
  • Ability to record TV shows. 
  • A wide variety of themes.
  • Backed by an enthusiastic community.


Well, this here sums up our list of the best IPTV Player For Mac. I want to sum up my thoughts here in conclusion. 

If you are looking for a barebones application to watch your IPTV subscription and do it exceptionally well, you will not go wrong with TVStreams and Online IPTV.

These applications are great and work exceptionally well. I have my qualms with the user interface of TVStreams however it still is a great IPTV Application.

The IPTV Smarters Pro and GSE Smart IPTV Applications are complete and feature-rich IPTV applications that support all functionalities you need from an IPTV Player.

They are so complete that you do not need to look any further if you look for the complete IPTV application. 

Kodi, on the other hand, is a huge beast of an entertainment application.

The functionality of Kodi is endless due to a vast and enthusiastic community of developers and users that are continuously developing new functionalities for the app.

Everyone’s Kodi experience is different due to the wide variety of Add-ons available on the Kodi repository, making it one of the best IPTV applications in the world.

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