UnBoxing Droidbox T8s Dual Boot Android and Linux ( OpenElec ) – Review Part1 – Top IPTV Service

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UnBoxing Droidbox T8s Dual Boot Android and Linux ( OpenElec ) – Review Part1

Droidbox T8s DualBoot Android and linux Review
This is the new T8s from droidbox.co.uk, Check out this video of the entire me unboxing this clevel little box.

I am really enjoying the speed and the dual boot with this device.

Ask Droidbox for more information on the droidbox.
I will be doing more parts to this video as to show more on the droidbox

Droidbox direct link to get one is

Enjoy you guys
Husham Memar .


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  • Accessibility – /10



  • Usability – /10



  • HD Quality streaming – /10



  • Application support – /10



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