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Venom hosting solutions is now a defunct popular IPTV provider that has closed down. They were known across the pond for being a decent IPTV provider around the USA.

Due to the closure of Venom Hosting Services, we now recommend Strong IPTV as one of the leading IPTV providers around for both USA IPTV, UK IPTV, and Worldwide IPTV. You can see the link below for our IPTV subscription packages.

They had around 3700 IPTV channels from news, sports, entertainment, and more.

Venom Hosting IPTV Detail Guide to Install 2022 Update min 11zon

Also, Venom hosting solutions had PPV events and a catalog of on-demand content such as Movies and TV Shows.

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But we will give you a comparison below between Venom hosting services and Strong IPTV.

Venom Hosting Solutions VS Strong IPTV

While we do not normally point out any comparisons between us and other IPTV suppliers with this now being a defunct IPTV provider we will give you the differences in our IPTV service and what makes our IPTV service stand out above the rest.

Strong IPTV Features

  • Over 14,000+ IPTV channels
  • Works across all IPTV devices
  • Have own IPTV app (Strong IPTV app)
  • Prices start from $10.00
  • Can record IPTV streams
  • Has own Movie and TV show service running on Plex with easily the most movies and shows out of all IPTV suppliers

Venom Hosting Solutions IPTV Features

  • Has 3700 IPTV channels
  • Works across all IPTV devices
  • Has own IPTV app
  • Prices start from $13.99
  • Can record IPTV streams
  • Has built-in Movies and TV shows

So as you can see we have the same functionality as the now-defunct Venom hosting services but we have x3 more IPTV streams on our IPTV platform and our pricing is better too across our different IPTV subscription packages.

Free IPTV Playlist – IPTV M3U URLs and Links (Contains tutorial)

Free IPTV Playlist – IPTV M3U URLs and Links (Contains tutorial)


We know Venom hosting solutions used to be a decent size player across the pond in the USA but since their closure, there are other better options and one of them being Strong IPTV.

We cover all world channels and have the most number of channels making sure we have world coverage no matter what countries live TV channels you want to watch.

Strong IPTV also has a movie and tv show service that is hard to match from any other IPTV provider on the market.

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