Watch Premier League live on TV[2022 Guide]

As time went on, the Premier League was in full swing. As the competition heats up, this is the big event sports fans have been looking for, and don’t want to miss. But, this summer’s Premier League season ends on 22 May 2022. If you don’t want to miss such a wonderful contest, then hurry to read this article, there is something you want.


Unfortunately, because of the influence of the outbreak, most people can’t directly to the scene to watch the game, so can only use other channels to watch live broadcasts, or so, if you don’t want to miss some of the EPL big games, then read this article, you will learn how to watch Premier League live matches on TV so you won’t miss another match! You can also choose the Best IPTV for English TV and Sports.

What is EPL?

The Premier League or just the Premier League is the most popular football league and the most-watched sports league in the world. It is the highest division of the English football league system. The 20 furniture club is part of the league and they play a total of 38 home and away games. There is also a promotion and relegation system, with three teams promoted to the Premier League or relegated. The Premier League season runs from August to May.

One of the main reasons why the Premier League is so popular is that it is international and it also has a lot of international players. There are many teams in the Premier League and every team has at least one foreign player. So for every foreign player the team has, the people of that country will want to support their countrymen.

Plus, it attracts foreigners who want to see what team their countrymen are playing for. Even though they may or may not know the person. EPL is almost as famous as real-money online casino games.

EPL’s recent schedule of matches

Check the EPL calendar and you will never miss an EPL sporting event for the world to enjoy today, tomorrow or this weekend during the sporting calendar.

MatchTime(ET)TV channelsNotes
Newcastle United v LiverpoolSat 30th April 2022
12:30 pm
BT SPORT ultimate
Aston Villa v Norwich CitySat 30th April 2022
_________Hide non-televised fixtures
Southampton v Crystal PalaceSat 30th April 2022
_________Hide non-televised fixtures
Watford v BurnleySat 30th April 2022
_________Hide non-televised fixtures
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brighton and Hove AlbionSat 30th April 2022
_________Hide non-televised fixtures
Leeds United v Manchester CitySat 30th April 2022
Sky Sports
Sky sports main event
Sky sports UHD
Everton v ChelseaSun 1st May 2022
Sky Sports
Sky sports main event
Sky sports UHD
West Ham United v ArsenalSun 1st May 2022
Sky Sports
Sky sports main event
Sky sports UHD

Please note that signing up for a free or paid IPTV subscription will allow you to optimize your schedule with regular sports channels (pay-per-view and free) and league/cup games.

The way to watch live Premier League football

  2. NBC Sports app
  3. NBC Sports Group desktop,
  4. Mobile devices
  5. Tablets
  6. Live streaming products on connected TVs

How to Watch Premier League live on TV?

Here are the channels you can watch live EPL matches on TV, and you can choose the right time and channel to watch matches with the recent games schedule above so that you will never have to regret missing important sporting events again.


What channels can I watch live sports on TV?

The 20201/22 Premier League season is broadcast on Sky Sports (128 live matches), BT Sport (52 live matches) and Amazon (20 live matches), with 200 matches broadcast live in the UK. More live Premier League matches (including BBC coverage) are likely to be shown if they are played behind closed doors.

Premier League title rivals Liverpool and Manchester City are both on TV this weekend. According to the channel distribution of live matches on TV this weekend, there will be instructions on how to watch EPL matches on TV on Sky Sports channel and BT Sports channel respectively.

Watch EPL games on Sky Sports


As you may already know, Sky Sports is the main venue for watching Premier League matches in the UK. Sky has its own channel dedicated to the league and you can also find some matches in main events and Showcase events. Over the course of the season, the network broadcast a total of 128 live games.

Sky Sports provides three channels to live broadcast EPL matches:

  • Sky Sports Premier League
  • Sky sports main event
  • Sky sports UHD

To watch Premier League matches on Sky, you can sign up for Sky Sports as part of your TV package or opt for a more flexible IPTV subscription.

If you want to watch live football on TV then you’ll need Sky Sports to watch most Premier League matches, and BT Sport to watch the rest, with exclusive access to EPL, Champions League, and Europa League matches.

So how do you choose a TV sports package and IPTV subscription that has what you’re after?

such as the AirTV IPTV subscription, which offers live TV channels around the world: Sky Sport, BT Sport, ITV, and more.

If you plan to watch it on your phone, tablet, smart TV, game console, or another streaming device, you can download the Sky Go app or Now app.

Watch EPL games on BT Sports


After Sky Sports, your secondary position in the Premier League is BT Sport. This season, there are 52 live games available. BT Sport now offers a wide range of sports coverage and has become an increasingly popular choice for consumers due to its monopoly on major sporting events such as the Champions League.

BT Sport offers three channels for live EPL matches:

  • BT SPORT 1
  • BT SPORT ultimate

BT Sport is available directly through BT as part of one of its many TV bundles – or can be added to Sky and Virgin packages if they are your provider.

How to watch Premier League matches abroad?

If you’re a football fan, you’re also a big fan of the English Premier League (EPL). It is the best league in the world and is watched by people all over the world. Whether we talk about the subcontinent, North America, or anywhere else in the world, we will find many football fanatics, most of whom are EPL fans too.

Watching a Premier League game in a stadium is a different experience, but that only happens if you live in England or on business or holiday. If you live abroad, the next best thing is to watch the Premier League live on TV. But even this has its complications. Not all countries broadcast British channels on TV, and if you live in a country that broadcasts them. you will rarely find the picture and sound quality great. So watching a Manchester Derby can be more of a headache than the experience.

So what is the best way to subscribe to British TV and watch EPL matches while abroad?

Well, there’s a new technology called Internet Protocol TELEVISION (IPTV).
that gives you the chance to watch the best football matches as well as your favorite British shows without you having to compromise on the picture and sound quality. There are many IPTV service providers that can offer you the best packages to help you subscribe to your favorite channels. Whether you prefer a package or an all-content package
(UK series, films, and sports), you can choose from the available packages according to your preference.

Be thankful! There is currently one IPTV subscription service that is your best choice for watching Premier League matches – AirTV IPTV.


AirTV IPTV offers more than 160 UK channels and more than 100 catch-up channels. AirTV IPTV enables most of the catch-up features on UK channels. If you are a sports fan or an overseas fan, this is the best choice for you.

If you are an overseas fan, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night for the opposite match, and you don’t have to worry about jet lag. AirTV IPTV 7 days catch-up service let you say goodbye to your worries.

Essential to watching sports channels in the UK are BT Sport, Sky, and Channel 4/5. Sky channel is the most popular sports channel, sky can watch all kinds of sports and PPV boxing matches. BT Sport has a wide selection of UK sporting events.
and you can watch Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League matches as well as the top leagues.

If you want to watch live Premier League football on TV and want exclusive access then AirTV IPTV is your best choice.

It’s better than TV and online streaming; Switch to IPTV to watch your favorite IPTV UK channels now.

How do I access AirTV IPTV to watch Premier League matches?

Accessing AirTV IPTV is very simple.

All you need to do is go to the AirTV IPTV website to sign up for your IPTV streaming service plan. First, you need to download the APK link matching your device to complete the activation, and now you can enjoy it! You can refer to the tutorial guide for more details.

FAQS about EPL

How do I watch EPL in the UK?

Yes, Sky Sports is the main venue for watching Premier League football in the UK. Sky has its own channel dedicated to the league and you can also find some matches in main events and Showcase events.

Is the English Premier League free?

The 20201/22 season in the UK is broadcast live on TV on Sky Sports, BT Sports, and Amazon Prime Video. BBC Sport is the Premier League’s free highlights broadcast partner in the UK.

What channel is the Premier League on Sky?

Sky Sports shows 128 Premier League TV matches, BT Sports shows 52 matches and Amazon Prime shows 20 matches.

Are all Premier League games on TV?

Each match will of course be shown on TV and in HD format and selected fixtures will also be shown on BT Sports Ultimate – the best way to watch football. But that’s not all. You can watch live broadcasts or catch highlights on the BT Sport app – now available on more devices than ever before.


Overall, you can enjoy the EPL live action this weekend if you can find the perfect TV package to suit your sporting needs and check out the best sports listings.

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