What Channel is ABC on DirecTV – Updated October 2022

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If you want to engage exclusively in the world of entertainment, then this is the time you have discovered What Channel is on ABC on DirecTV? It was launched in 1943 as a radio network.

Whether you are in the mood of watching comedy shows, any kind of movie, or reality shows you can find all on ABC.

At the heart of the article, we will discuss more DirecTV and the ABC channel in DirecTV. Let us dive into this article to know more about content.

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About ABC

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Simply put, ABC is a popular American television network. Seemingly, this channel is owned and operated by ABC Entertainment Group, a division of The Walt Disney Company. Indeed, ABC is your one-stop destination to watch live TV shows, sports, and world news. Moreover, the ABC app holds everything that can satisfy your entertainment needs. Meanwhile, you can explore content from popular networks like ABC, FX, Nat Geo, ABC News, and Freeform. In addition, you can explore and watch some popular TV shows like Good Morning America, Grey’s Anatomy, and much more. The best part is that you can watch your favorite shows on the go using the ABC app. Of course, you will need a valid TV provider subscription to log in and access the ABC app on your desired streaming device. As a result, you can stream your favorite ABC shows anytime, anywhere, for free. 

What Channel is ABC on DirecTV?

ABC is a commercial broadcast Television Network owned by Walt Disney in the year 1943 as a radio network. Decade-after-decade ABC network went to take American by storm back -back flagship series.

ABC on DirecTVABC on DirecTV

What Channel is ABC on DirecTV?

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DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite in America it provides the service based in EI Segundo, California. Since It launched a satellite service in the year 1994 on July 17.

This service transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in Latin America, the United States, and the Caribbean.  

The primary competitors of DirecTV are Cable Television providers and Dish Network.

AT&T acquired DirecTV in a transaction valued at $67.1 billion only receiving approval from the United States Department of Justice and the United States Federal Communication Commission on July 24, 2015.

This television network announced that at the end of the year on October 3, 2008, it would offer HD local channels in 121 markets.

DirecTV Group and Liberty Entertainment merged by becoming subsidiaries of a new company named DirecTV.

City, StateChannel Number
New York City, NY7
Los Angeles, CA7
Chicago, IL7
Houston, TX13
Phoenix, AZ15
Philadelphia, PA6
San Antonio, TX12
San Diego, CA10
Dallas, TX8
San Jose, CA7
Austin, TX24
Fort Worth, TX8
San Francisco, CA7
Columbus, OH6
Charlotte, NC9
Seattle, WA4
Washington, DC7
Boston, MA5
Nashville, TN2
Detroit, MI7
Oklahoma City, OK5
Memphis, TN24
Louisville, KY11
Baltimore, MD2
Milwaukee, WI12
Albuquerque, NM7
Tucson, AZ9
Fresno, CA30
Sacramento, CA10
Mesa, AZ15
Atlanta, GA2
Kansas City, MO9
Colorado Springs, CO13
Miami, FL10
Oakland, CA7
Minneapolis, MN5
Arlington, TX8
Tampa, FL28
New Orleans, LA26


DirecTV packages bring an abundance of entertainment to you and your family. Also, It brings you a channel lineup up with epic entertainment for all age groups. I hope this article makes the readers clear about DirecTV and what channel is ABC on DirecTV. 


What is ABC on DirecTV?

ABC in other terms is an American Broadcasting Company that is like a radio network or Television network that cast movies, comedy shows, and many more. 

Can you watch ABC on DirecTV?

However, The users with a proper subscription to any of the Direc TV packages have a chance to watch the ABC channel. This channel is available in various states across many countries.

Is ABC available on DirecTV?

However, It is easily the best choice for watching sports on local channels available on Direc TV it including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and more.

What channel is ABC on DirecTV in North Carolina?

  In North  Carolina, the ABC channel is available as Charlotte NC – 9.

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