What Channel is ABC on Regular TV?

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When it comes to watching streaming TV most people choose CBS, NBC which also includes ABC in it. This ABC channel gives varieties of entertainment to the people. Watching ABC on Regular TV may enhance your watching experience.

You can watch ABC in two ways on the Regular TV. Let us dive into this article to know the methods and so on.

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What Channel is ABC on Regular TV?

ABC channel is one of the most popular services among households as it streams entertainment to all generations. It has popular shows for adults and as well as kids to view.

ABC on Regular TVABC on Regular TV
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What channel is ABC on Regular TV?

The most popular shows on ABC are The Good Doctor, Station, Castel, Once Upon a Time, The Rookie, and so on. A Million Little Things, Grey’s Anatomy are the signature shows on the ABC channel.

The users can also watch the ABC channel on their Regular TV by using two methods given in this article, they are

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  • Using Antenna
  • Without Antenna

Watch ABC on Regular TV using Antenna

Most of the cable TV companies don’t allow their users to know some of the channels that can be watched on their regular tv. When we compare the quality with others, the antenna producing now has the best picture quality.

But the users should possess the TV manufactured in 2007 along with a digital tuner. This is because the signals have gone lost. To discover that your TV can make use of Antenna, just make sure to check the coaxial port at the side or backside of your TV.

If your TV is digital, you may notice the labels that contain letters such as “ATSC”, “HDTV”, “HD” or any words that ensure your TV is digitally comprised.

In case your TV is not digital, you can make use of a converter box to convert it. In God’s grace if your TV is digital you just need to install a TV Antenna. The tuner within your TV enables it to read and interrupt the digital signals.

By Mannually tunning the antenna, it will direct your pointer to the exact frequency waveband where you can view ABC. So, here is the frequency waveband of the ABC

NetworkFrequencyVHF/UHF Channel (Band)
ABC226.5 MHz12

Watch ABC on Regular TV without Antenna

The user need not have a cable subscription and paid satellite to view the ABC channel on your Regular TV. You can also stream it online with devices like Roku and you can also use your Regular TV set to view it.

The users can also get some for free, such as the Locast which provides NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc. Locast is also compatible with devices like

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku


This article will be helpful for the users to watch their favorite ABC on Regular TV by using two methods given in the article. Hope you will make use of it. Whatever the readers are looking for we want all of them to find peace of mind here by viewing this article.


Is ABC on Regular TV?

In the United States, you can get the ABC channel along with other popular channels on your Regular TV.

How can I receive the ABC channel?

The users can watch it for free but it depends on their current location. Even though you can watch it by using other streaming devices which you can afford.

Can I get the local channel on my Regular TV?

Absolutely yes, the users can get their local channel for free on their regular TV. You can either use Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV.

At what frequency you can watch ABC on Antenna?

The users can tune their Antenna frequency to 226.5 MHz and can watch the ABC on channel number 12.

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