What Channel is HBO Max on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

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Hello Friends! Are you a person who loves to watch Hollywood action movies? Then here is a fantastic channel, especially for you. So, I do have some other good news for you. Guess what? DirecTV is the most popular satellite network owned by many households in the US. Hence, you can also watch HBO Max on DirecTV. You have to look deep inside the article to know the exact channel number.

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What channel is HBO Max on DirecTV?

Warner Media owns the most popular HBO Max channel, covering documentaries, series, and other entertainment shows. It is one of the popular channels in the United States as it contains quality content to its viewers.

Moreover, this channel also streams shows from other channels due to tie-ups and streams videos from the HBO channel as a re-telecast. This channel streams quality videos like comedy, docudrama, films, animation, reality shows, and many more.

HBO Max on DirecTVHBO Max on DirecTV
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What channel is HBO Max on DirecTV?

This channel has covered a massive audience as it broadcast shows for 10,000 hours as it contains 2000+ movies and premium videos. However, it costs a little bit high compared to other channels due to this reason.

But don’t worry, readers, if you are a subscriber of DirecTV, then you can own this channel for free of cost. Do you wonder how? Because this channel is one among them on the channel list.

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In the upcoming part, you will know its channel number to view it in one step directly.

Channel NameChannel Number
HBO Max501

Final Verdict

Finally, as said before, this channel has a massive audience due to its quality video content for all the households of the United States. You can directly watch this channel by navigating to the channel number now, given in the article. Suppose, if you are not a DirecTV subscriber, then go and try it for once because it is worth trying.


What channel is HBO Max on DirecTV?

The users can view their favorite given channel by navigating to channel number 501 on their DirecTV.

Does HBO Max come for free on DirecTV?

Moreover, this channel is accessible for free in all the DirecTV packages like Ultimate, Premier, Choice, and Entertainment.

How can I add HBO Max on my DirecTV?

To add this channel to your DirecTV, you have to call their hotline or visit their website and add the track by yourself.

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