What Channel is Longhorn Network on DirecTV? [2022]

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We usually entertain ourselves by playing games and streaming sports channels. As we know that sports may vary according to the region. Friends, we are fond of watching different sports channels, but we cannot stream our regional sports. Of course, regional sports are available on some sports channels only. The standard channel that offers the best regional sports is Longhorn Network. Many platforms carry Longhorn Network, but DirecTV is the best among them, which we will discuss in this article. Ok, friends, let’s start the section Longhorn Network on DirecTV.

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A Crisp of Longhorn Network

Friends, are you waiting to know about the best regional sports channel? Here is the piece of information regarding Longhorn Network. The sister channel of ESPN, a joint venture between the University of Texas at Austin, ESPN, and Learfield. Longhorn Network is also referred to as LHN, and ESPN operates this channel. However, this channel was launched in 2011 and concentrated on Longhorn’s sports team from the University of Texas at Austin. Though LHN is serving the areas of the United States and nationwide through satellite. In the Longhorn’s spring football in 2011, the name and logo came into people’s view.

The sister channel of LHN is ESPN, ESPNU, ACC Network, and SEC Network. The main aim of this channel is to telecast original and historical programs from the Longhorn athletics department with 20 different sports. LHN has many sports programs, including football, volleyball, softball, etc. Not only other sports but also they telecast many sports and cultural events from the Texas University campus. I think many followers from and around Texas exclusively enjoy the events and other content from the region of Austin. However, this network channel creates the best platform to stream all the events exclusively. Though this big channel makes people follow them by providing many sports and live events.

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DirecTV- An Overview

DirecTV is the best television provider in the United States and one of the favorite entertainment services with a premium video experience. It is leading in customer service with 15.9 million subscribers, including pay TV customers, DirecTV, U-Verse, and DirecTV Stream subscribers. However, this great network service is a multichannel video programming distributor, and it is held up in El Segundo, California. DirecTV also provides a traditional television service through IP on its U-verse brand and virtual MVPD service on its DirecTV Stream brand. However, this joint venture platform serves the areas are U.S, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The satellite service has a reliable signal, offers available for the 2022 season of NFL Sunday Ticket, HD DVR, and records five channels simultaneously. Also, we can enjoy live sports in 4K. DirecTV also offers local channels like ABC, NBC, Fox, My Network TV, and more. Additionally, we can exclusively stream many sports events without cable and satellite, and live TV and streaming apps are available on DirecTV Stream. However, without competition, life is so dull in that manner, DirecTV has competitors, namely, Dish Network, over-the-top service, cable TV service, and IP-based television service. It has the best customer satisfaction service compared with leading cable service, which has been running for over 28 years. 

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DirecTV Subscription Package

DirecTV service has reliable subscription packages which are affordably available to all subscribers. It has four different packages. This package has many offers on premium networks and offers regional sports channels, along with the 2022 season of the NFL Sunday Ticket. Here is the list of subscription packages for DirecTV.

Entertainment: This is the package of DirecTV. This package has 165+ channels and value-price essential channels. The cost of the subscription package is $64.99 for a month.

Choice: This is the most popular package and the best for its sports channels. This plan has 200+ channels. The cost of the subscription package of Choice is $69.99 for a month. 

Ultimate: This package is perfect for families and movie lovers. This pack has 270+ channels. The subscription cost of the package is $89.99 for a month.

Premier: This package has special offers for premium networks. This subscription pack has 340+ channels. The cost of the subscription of Ultimate pack is $139.99 for a month.

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What Channel is Longhorn Network on DirecTV?

Friends, Longhorn Network is the best regional Network with many sports followers. However, DirecTV offers the best platform for many sports channels available on the sports package. Through the subscription to DirecTV, we can access many sports channels. But, everyone’s favorite Longhorn Network is available or not on DirecTV. It’s a big doubt, especially for the regional sports followers. So, let’s clarify the doubt in this section. 

Longhorn Network on DirecTVLonghorn Network on DirecTV

What Channel is Longhorn Network on DirecTV?

Streaming Service: DirecTV

Channel Name: Longhorn Network

Channel Number: 677

Luckily we have the channel number of the Longhorn network on DirecTV. So hereafter, we can access the channel and stream the Longhorn athletics events exclusively from the University. But, we need only a subscription to DirecTV and specifically a sports package to access this Network.

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Popular Shows on Longhorn Network

Longhorn Network is the must-watch sports channel that offers 20 different sports from the Texas Longhorn athletics department and original and historical programs. They also telecast cultural and academic events from the campus of UT Austin. They also cover women’s volleyball, football, open championship, softball, and many live events around the sister and Texas University campuses and shows from the studio. The shows on this Network have many fans, mainly for football events. Here are the important shows on Longhorn Network.

  • Traditions
  • Texas’ Greatest Athletes
  • Texas’ Greatest Games
  • Longhorn Legends
  • Texas GameDay Final
  • Texas GameDay

Bottom Words

Finally, we are here to share a few words about the article, Longhorn Network on DirecTV. Seemingly, Longhorn Network is the fastly developing channel with more audience. And also, this is the best regional sports channel from the sister channel of ESPN. Football fans are eagerly waiting for this great Longhorn network channel. And also, DirecTV is the best television provider and won many awards for its customer satisfaction service. Luckily, the Longhorn network is available on DirecTV, which has become comfortable for subscribers. However, this regional sports channel is present on the sports package of DirecTV. So, as soon as possible, drag your remote and switch to the Longhorn Network on DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Longhorn Network without cable?

Longhorn Network is the regional sports channel. This channel is available through the ESPN app and WatchESPN on computers, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices. To stream Longhorn Network, the subscription service from TV providers is significant.

Is it possible to stream the Texas football game on DirecTV?

Yes, it is possible to stream the Texas football game on DirecTV with the help of the Longhorn Network channel. However, this channel is also available on DirecTV in the sport’s subscription package. 

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