What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV? [2022]

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Are you a follower of the game of USC football? And you are searching for a channel to watch the football game? If you reply yes to this question means, here is the content for you. Although I also searched for a better sports channel, at that time, I found Pac 12 Network channel to enjoy all college sports and particularly USC football games. I think DirecTV is the best channel provider used by most people in the United States. Moving towards the article, here is the question, what channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV? Let’s check here.

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An Overview of Pac 12 Network

At first, we are here to learn about Pac 12 network. The Pac 12 Network channel is the American sports network cable and digital television network. This channel is denoted as P12N and Pac 12 Networks and belongs to Pac 12 Conference. Obviously, Pac 12 Network is the most wanted channel to enjoy college sports. However, this channel has many followers with its more audience network. Even though Pac 12 has six sister channels from different Universities and regions.

The sister channels are viz Pac 12 Arizona, Pac 12 Bay Area, Pac 12 Los Angeles, Pac 12 Mountain, Pac 12 Oregon, and Pac 12 Washington. These channels telecast events from Universities like the University of Arizona and Arizona State University, the University of Washington and Washington State University, the University of California and Stanford University, UCLA and the University of Southern California, the University of Colorado and the University of Utah, and the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

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This network channel is available national wide through satellite. The Pac-12 Commissioner, Executive Chairman of Pac-12 Enterprises, is Larry Scott, and the President of Pac 12 Networks is Mark Shuken. For more information, Pac 12 Networks has online services: Pac 12 Now and Pac 12 Plus. Both offer live sports events, which provides us TV everywhere from the platform of Pac 12 Networks.

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Definition of DirecTV

Indeed, many subscribers use the DirecTV service. But we unknowingly use this service without knowing about the benefits of DirecTV. So here is the proper definition and the benefits of the DirecTV service. DirecTV is a multichannel video programming distributor in El Segundo, California. Though this service started in 1996, and its primary aim is to provide satellite television service to the areas of the United States. And also, this service provides television service by IP through its U-verse TV brand and a Virtual MVPD service through its DIRECTV STREAM brand.

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Even though DirecTV has competitors like Dish Network, traditional cable television providers, IP-based television services, and other over-the-top video services. Though this service has more competitors, it stands still separately through its benefits. Although DirecTV got approval from the Federal Communication Commission and the Department of Justice, AT &T grabbed DirecTV, valued up to $67.1 billion in 2015.

Probably, this service also offers local channels like MyNetworkTV, The CW, Telemundo, Univision, and more. DirecTV also provides dozens of shows from the Audience Network but ceased in 2020. For more information, this service has the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket sports package. DirecTV won the J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction in 2007. All these benefits are available for all subscribers of DirecTV as an application anywhere and at any time. Luckily, AT&T has 15.9 million pay-TV customers, including DirecTV Stream, DirecTV, and U-Verse subscribers.

DirecTV Subscription Packages

Seemingly, DirecTV has subscription packages. It has four different types of plans for subscribers of DirecTV. Before streaming the USC football games, subscribe to any one of the plans. Here is DirecTV’s subscription package.

Entertainment: The cost of the pack is $64.99/month. This pack has 165+ channels and inclusion of HD DVR.

Choice: This pack costs $69.99/month. This pack has 200+ channels and Regional Sports Networks. Additionally, this plan has a special for the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

Ultimate: It costs $89.99 for a month with 270+ channels. Additionally, this plan has Regional Sports Networks and a special for the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

Premier: This is the last plan. This plan has 340+ channels and Regional Sports Networks. In addition, this plan has special offers on the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

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What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV?

At last, we are here to find the solution to the question what channel number is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV? Though Pac 12 Network is the most-wanted channel, DirecTV has more favorable benefits for all types of consumers. So everything is well, but what about the channel number? Check here if Pac 12 Network is present on DirecTV or not.

Pac 12 Network on DirecTVPac 12 Network on DirecTV

What Channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV?

Streaming Service: DirecTV

Channel Name: Pac 12 Network

Channel Number: Not Available

Unfortunately, Pac 12 Network is not available on DirecTV. And also. Pac 12 Network is not found on the channel lineup of DirecTV Service. Alternatively, other methods like streaming devices to stream the USC football games on Pac 12 Network. 

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Popular Shows on Pac 12 Network

Pac 12 Network is the only channel to enjoy all college sports from the Pac 12 conferences. The famous programs of the Pac 12 network are 850 collegiate events per year, including 100 men’s basketball games, 35 football games, and 40 women’s basketball. In addition, the original programs of Pac 12 Network are Conference of Champions, Timelines, Varsity Days, and more. All these shows help the channel to reach a high position. Some important shows of Pac 12 Network are here.

Pac 12 After Dark

This is one of the popular shows on Pac 12 Network. This show focuses on the Pac 12 football action from the Pac 12 universities. Pac 12 After Dark shows are telecast every Saturday night. Additionally, it telecasts Pac-12 events that start in the morning and ends at night.

Pac 12 Football Central

This show has many followers and is one of the most viewed shows on Pac 12 Network. This show is based on the analysis of particular events. The show’s content is the analysis of pregame and postgame while playing, even after and before the game. And also, the host discusses the game with the experts of the game.

Concluding points

Therefore, this is the time to say goodbye. However, we gathered a lot of knowledge regarding the Pac 12 Network channel and DirecTV service. Probably, Pac 12 Network is the only channel that provides college sports like live and recorded events. And also, DirecTV is the multichannel video programming distributor and provides a platform to stream sports channels. But unfortunately, Pac 12 Network channel is not available in the channel lineup of DirecTV. So that’s all about the what channel is Pac 12 Network on DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Pac 12 Network for free?

There is no need for a cable provider to stream Pac 12 Network. Streaming services like FuboTV, Sling TV, and Vidgo are the possible ways to stream the Pac 12 Network sports content. But it would be best if you had subscribed to the streaming services before watching the games on Pac 12 Network.

How can I watch the USC Football games on Pac 12 Network?

The USC Football games are available on Pac 12 Network. The USC football team has everlasting followers. Many current and recorded events can watch on Pac 12 Network. But, the only need is a TV provider’s subscription and any streaming service that carries Pac 12 Network.

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