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What channel is Reelz on DirecTV? Now enjoy reading this article, which contains information on how to watch Reelz channels on DirecTV. On the surface, Reelz is one of the popular content streaming platforms, while DirecTV is one of the prominent TV providers in the United States. Let’s take a look at Reelz’s channel on DirecTV with the following article.

What is Reelz

Reelz is one of the popular digital cable networks in the United States. Reelz is based on Real Content. So the name of this digital cable network is Reelz. The goal of Reelz is to telecast the real content to its subscribers. So Reelz is entirely focused on reality shows, mini-series, Original Content, Documentaries of Celebrity candles, etc. The parent of Reelz is Hubbard Broadcasting, and the former name of Reelz is Reelzchannel. Reelz also telecasted Award Ceremonies like the 1st Critics’ Choice Television Awards and Miss USA 2015.

Seemingly, the Reelz channel was initially known for broadcasting programs focusing on the Hollywood film and entertainment industry. Indeed, you were able to gather info on theatrical film releases and movie releases on DVD and cable.

In addition to entertainment programs, you can also watch popular hit series like Snapped, reality shows, and documentaries. Furthermore, you can enjoy streaming all your favorite content in 720p (HDTV) and 480p (SDTV). Meanwhile, the Reelz channel content is available to stream online via the Reelz Now app.

Here you can find some popular shows like Autopsy: The Last Hours Of, The Price of Fame, Murder Made Me Famous, and much more. Seemingly, the Reelz channel has no separate subscription. Indeed, you will need a reliable TV provider subscription to access the Reelz content on your desired streaming device.

Moreover, using all Live TV provider subscriptions, you can stream the Reelz Channel content with the extra features on your desired devices. The Reelz Channel is also unrestricted on Android, iOS, etc. As of 2015, Reelz Chanel keeps 68.2 million subscribers on it. So naturally, the owner of this Reelz Channel is Hubbard Broadcasting. Moreover, Reelz Channel has a prominent sister channel named Ovation. Moreover, from the forthcoming section, you can learn more about the topic of Reelz on DirecTV.

About DirecTV

Anyway, this is time to learn about DirecTV. This portion lets you get more exciting facts about DirecTV and all your needed information. So, let’s see about DirecTV in this part. Markedly, DirecTV is known as DIREC TV. Essentially, DirecTV is a famous American multichannel video programming distributor. The owner of this DirecTV service is AT&T and TPG Inc.

Initially, the service came from California. Originally, this service’s launching date and year of DirecTV were June 17, 1994. Meanwhile, this platform works as a digital satellite service in the United States. Additionally, this DirecTV service provides traditional television services through its famous brands, the U-verse TV and DirecTV system Brand. Correspondingly, DirecTV is known as the main competitor of the Top-rated networks.

Furthermore, DirecTV serves the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. As the research of 2021, the DirecTV service has 15.9 million active pay-TV customers.

Indeed, you can get four different kinds of subscription plans with the DirecTV service. The upcoming guide will explain each plan and its features. But, remember, the subscription cost is may vary in the future. So, kindly refer the DirecTV’s official website before subscribing to it is recommendable. 

Bundle NameChannelsPrice
Entertainment165+ channels, including STARZ, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.$69.99/month
Choice200+ channels, including CNBC, Fox Network, and much more.$89.99/month
Ultimate270+ channels and 60,000+ on-demand titles.$104.99/month
PremierChannels – 340+ channels and 70,000+ on-demand titles.$139.99/month

Features of DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the best satellite TV providers in the United States. Indeed, it offers a lot of channels at an affordable cost. The respective service is well known for streaming popular live sports events, including regional sports. It includes NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, and much more. In addition, DirecTV Stream also provides you with a built-in DVR facility. So, you can store your favorite live TV recordings and watch them as you wish. Moreover, get DirecTV Stream access to watch your favorite content from anywhere, anytime.

What Channel is Reelz on Directv?

Reelz is famous for its Original content. Only some Real-based content is given to us the most amazing ever. Reelz is doing this job in a dedicated way. So watching Reelz’s content is really a fantastic thing. DirecTV is one of the largest satellite television networks. So watching Reelz content on DirecTV is a great thing for us. This part of this article declares the exact channel number of Reelz on DirecTV. So please use the below information to stream your desired Reelz content on DirecTV.

Reelz on DirecTV
What Channel is Reelz on DirecTV?

Here we are going to include the channel number for Reelz on your DirecTV service lineup. Indeed, with this channel number, you can directly tune in and stream all your favorites without any hassle.

Streaming Channel on Streaming ServiceChannel Number
Reelz on DirecTV238

Watching Reelz on DirecTV is possible with just a single click. As a result, Reelz shows can be watched without having to purchase any additional add-ons separately. So make sure you have a valid DirecTV subscription so you can easily watch your favorite Reelz shows.


How many subscription plans are available on DirecTV, and what is the basic plan?

DirecTV offers four types of subscription plans to its users. The basic plan is ENTERTAINMENT, and $64.99 is the subscription cost of this package. More than 165 channels are available in this package. Some channels of Entertainment packages are ESPN, CNN, Nickelodeon, HGTV, TNT, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

What is the highest package of DirecTV, and is it worth subscribing to?

The highest package of DirecTV is PREMIUM. The subscription cost of the Premier package is $139.99 per month. In this package, more than 340 channels are available. Some channels of Premier packages are A&E (HD), ACC Network (HD), ActionMax, AMC (HD), HBO MAX, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ.

Can we watch Reelz on DirecTV?

Yes, we can watch Reelz on DirecTV. Luckily, the Reelz channel is natively available on DirecTV. You can catch up on the respective channel using code 238 on DirecTV.

Is the Reelz channel free to stream?

Seemingly, Reelz is digital cable television that requires a valid TV provider subscription to access its content on your streaming device. So make sure that you subscribe to a reliable TV provider in your region.


Only this article ends now, but your interest in watching Original content is endless. Because the above article holds impressive information about Reelz on DirecTV. The above article is the best platform to know the entire basic details of Reelz and DirecTV. Reading this article will help you give awareness about Reelz and DirecTV. The above information is referred to by the official websites of both Reelz and DirecTV.

The above article has details about former programs, mini-series, and famous shows of Reelz. Subscription plans of DirecTV are also included in this article. The subscription plan consists of every package’s subscription cost, the number of Channels, and some famous channels of this plan. I hope the above article clarifies What Channel Reelz is on DirecTV.

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