What Channel is the Auburn Game on DirecTV? [2022]

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Are you out of town? Did you stay there that night? But you are searching for the channel to watch the Auburn Game tonight on DirecTV. Don’t get upset, readers. I have also faced this problem. I have an idea to get away from this problem. The way how I searched for the channel is available for you. I think this is one of the experiences for me. Readers here is one of my experiences exploring the channel to watch the Auburn Game tonight on DirecTV. 

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A glimpse of Auburn Tigers

Here is the information about the team, Auburn Tigers. First, who are the Auburn Tigers? Auburn Tigers is the sport of American College Football that represents Auburn University. They competed in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The tigers first competed in the intercollege football competition in 1892 and joined the Southeastern Conference in 1932. It is one of the members of the inaugural conference, and they started to play for the Western division after the conference was divided in 1992.

As for as, the team recorded many best moments during the competition. The team recorded 12 undefeated seasons and also won 16 conference championships. They also won 10 divisional titles and 44 post-season bowl appearances, including 12 historically major bowl berths. Though the players also have individual trophies. The three players from the team have a Heisman Trophy, and the players are quarterback Pat Sullivan in 1971, quarterback Cam Newton in 2010, and running back Bo Jackson in 1985. Auburn also produced 34 consensus players among the All- American players. The Tigers have a powerful rivalry with Alabama.

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The team actively participated in the College Football Hall of Fame, and 12 members participated in the fame. It has eight student-athletes and four head coaches. The head coaches of the team are John Heisman, Mike Donahue, Ralph Jordan, and Pat Dye. During the period Jordan from 1951 to 1975, he led the team to win the first national championships and coached the team for the most 176 games. Jordan–Hare Stadium, where Auburn plays its home games, opened in 1939. The Auburn Tigers and the Crimson Tide have their match yearly once in the Iron ball, one of the biggest rivalries in all the sports.

A crisp of DirecTV

DirecTV users, did you unaware of the benefits of DirecTV? Here are the current uses of DirecTV.At first, everyone will question what DirecTV is. DirecTV is one of the multichannel video programming distributors in El Segundo, California. This service originated in 1994 as the leading digital satellite service provider in the United States. Seemingly, they also offer services provided by IP through its U-verse TV brand and a Virtual MVPD service through its DirecTV Stream brand. In addition, AT &T planned for a contract-free over-the-top internet television service from the brand DirecTV over the top service. Finally, DirecTV Mobile offered us premium video and made digital content for phones and DirecTV Preview, an ad-supported service featuring content from Audience Network, Otter Media, and other partners.

DirecTV has high-definition television(HDTV) and other interactive services like its competitors. However, DirecTV is the first service provider which offers 4K ultra-high definition content. This is possible in “DirecTV 4K Ready” televisions and selected Samsung 4K televisions. For more information, DirecTV’s satellite service provides local channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, MyNetworkTV, The CW, Telemundo, Univision, and more. The above channels are used by 99.2% of U.S. TV households. This network service also has the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket sports package. In addition, DirecTV service owned regional sports networks like AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, SportsNet Rocky Mountain, and more. At the end of 2021, AT&T has 15.9 million pay-TV customers, which includes DirecTV, U-Verse, and DirecTV Stream subscribers.

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Subscription package of DirecTV

Readers, DirecTV provides many channels favorable for all consumers. However, before that, we should subscribe to the service. The subscription package of DirecTV has four different plans. First, let’s see about DirecTV’s subscription plans.

Entertainment: This is the first package that has 165+ channels. This pack also has ESPN, CNN, Nickelodeon, and HGTV at $64.99 monthly.

Choice: This is the sports package at $69.99 for a month. This pack has 200+ channels, Regional Sports Networks, and the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX at no cost.

Ultimate: This must-see blockbuster package with 270+ channels at $89.99 for a month. This package also has Regional Sports Networks and the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX at no cost.

Premier: This pack has 340+ channels along with Regional Sports Networks and the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX at no cost. The cost of the package is $139.99 for a month.

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What Channel is the Auburn Game on DirecTV?

The Game of Auburn VS Missouri is rightly available on all the sports channels of DirecTV. Before that, verify that you are subscribed to any of the plans of DirecTV. In this section, the available channels to watch the Auburn Game tonight on DirecTV are listed here. 

Auburn Game on DirecTVAuburn Game on DirecTV

What Channel is the Auburn Game on DirecTV?

Streaming Service: DirecTV

Channel NameChannel Number
SEC Network611
Fox Sports219
CBS Sports Network221
NBC Sports220

Now, it is possible to watch Auburn VS Missouri on DirecTV from the above channel list. You can access the different sports channels and enjoy the Tigers game using these codes. So, switch on the television as quickly as possible and enjoy the Auburn Tigers Game on DirecTV.

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This is the last part of the article. I hope you can watch all the Auburn Games from anywhere and anytime. And also, many sports channels are available on DirecTV. So, make ensure that you are subscribed to DirecTV. The Tigers Auburn is one of the most potent teams; its primary competitor is Alabama. But, on the other hand, DirecTV provides more sports channels to enjoy the Tigers Game. So, Georgia VS Auburn is waiting for you on the DirecTV satellite service sports channels. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel is ESPN on DirecTV?

The DirecTV service offers many sports channels. From that,  one of the essential channels is ESPN. It is available on code 206. By using this code, you can watch the Auburn Tigers Game tonight.

What channel has Auburn Game on DirecTV?

Auburn Game is available on many sports channels on DirecTV. The DirecTV satellite service offers sports channels like SEC Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports. From these channels, you can enjoy the Auburn Tigers Game.

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