What Channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

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Are you an existing user of DirecTV services? Then you could have been familiar with today’s topic on the Weather Channel on DirecTV. DirecTV serves both as a satellite service provider and a streaming service in the United States. In the United States, DirecTV has been providing channels under various categories like movies, news, sports, kids and etc. As we all know DirecTV is a part of AT&T communications.

As DirecTV is providing a handful of channels, many users have forgotten the channel number and category of the Weather Channel. Are you one among them who is searching for those channels? Then you have entered the right place. This guide will direct you on how to watch the Weather Channel on DirecTV? Come, let’s get into the content.

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A short intro to the Weather Channel

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In simple words, The Weather Channel is a subscription-based America Pay TV Television. Seemingly, this channel is owned by Weather Group, a subsidiary of Allen Media Group. In significance to its name, the desired channel broadcasts Weather related content, news, and analysis. In addition, you can also stream weathercasts from outsources like RFD-TV. Indeed, the Weather Channel content is available in areas like the United States, US Virgin Islands, and The Bahamas. You can stream 480i and 1080i news content in English and Spanish languages. Let’s find how to watch Weather Channel on DirecTV in the following section of this article. 

About Weather Channels on DirecTV

At present, there are two weather channels that you can access on DirecTV. Existing users may be familiar with it. They are the Weather Channel and AccuWeather. You can access the AccuWeather channel under channel number 361 and the Weather Channel under channel number 362. These two channels are sufficient in providing the weather forecast information that you need to know. The Weather Channel is very famous for its AMHQ ( America’s Morning Headquarters). Mr.Sam Champion is hosting the show.

The Weather Channel Breakdown

Weather Channel on DirecTVWeather Channel on DirecTV
Weather Channel

Long terms users may know that the Weather Channel has got removed from DirecTV in the year 2014. This happened when the two services couldn’t come to an agreement. What agreement? The Weather Channel put a pay rise from DirecTV.

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At that time it has been receiving 13 cents/month per subscriber. It couldn’t agree to the demands put on by the Weather Channel. It resulted in the removal of it from DirecTV. Within three months the issue has been resolved and the Weather Channel was back to its channel number 362.

Breakdown of WeatherNation from DirecTV

It seems that DirecTV has no good time maintaining weather channels with them. Just now they have resolved the issue with the Weather Channel. Within the next four years, DirecTV has removed WeatherNation in 2018 and replaced it with AccuWeather in channel number 361. But why? Well, the reason for removal was not yet revealed by both.

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Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Weather Channel on DirecTVWeather Channel on DirecTV
how to Watch Weather Channel on DirecTV

DirecTV has over 100+ local stations. Make use of that to know the information’s on the weather forecast. Use the local zip code to find the number of these channels. Make use of DirecTV’s official website to know the availability of these channels. Try installing weather apps for Android to get faster updates on Weather.


That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods to watch Weather Channel on DirecTV. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. I have covered almost every available weather channel on DirecTV. Make use of this content to navigate and watch the Weather Channel on it. I hope that at least these two weather channels will remain permanent on DirecTV.


Can you get Weather Channel on DirecTV?

Yes, you can access two channels related to it on DirecTV under channel numbers 361 and 362.

Is the Weather Channel app free?

Yes, you can install and get updates on Weather for free on Android.

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