What Channel is VH1 on DirecTV?

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After coming home from a hectic workday, your eyes will search for some relaxation. Most people choose to listen to their favorite songs by having some of their favorite snacks. You can get the same experience when you listen to a song on a perfect TV lineup. Such in one is watching VH1 on DirecTV.

The viewers can head on to the VH1channel on their DirecTV, by using the channel number given below in the article. If you wish to know more facts about this channel then collaborate with us.

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What Channel is VH1 on DirecTV?

Video Hits One is the most popular American TV which is based in New York. This channel firstly began as a normal music channel in the year 1985. Warner communications which was a part of Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment and also the founder of MTV has launched it.

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Moreover, this channel mostly targets older genders and streams music like Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel. In addition, it also added a few more concepts like a music video block featuring different themes, artists, eras, movie reviews, and comedy hours in the ’90s.

VH1 on DirecTVVH1 on DirecTV
What Channel is VH1 on DirecTV?

Then in the upcoming year, it mainly focuses on Hip Hop, Latin music, and Rap. It goes on transition as to gain more audience. So it also telecasts celebrities as subjects, franchises like Megan Wants a Millionaire, The Price of Beauty, America’s Next Top Model, and The Daisy of Love.

Are you most interested in watching the above-mentioned shows? then kindly hook on to the show immediately. Just a minute! are you going to search for the channel number on your DirecTV? As you are a reader of our write-up, we will not let you search the content from somewhere else.

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Don’t worry, we have enclosed the table mentioning the channel number of DirecTV. Just make a look at that and start streaming your favorite show without missing even the title content.

Channel NameChannel Number

Final Verdict

Hope you love this channel and its content. Moreover, this channel always steps on to the new concepts just to grab the audience and to cover all generations. If you are the one who loves to hear music all time, then my suggestion is that just make a try on it. I hope this article covers up all your needs and requirements. Kindly look on to our other article to find something more interesting. 


What Channel is VH1 on DirecTV?

The readers can look on to the above-mentioned channel by heading on to channel number 335 on their DirecTV.

Is VH1 available on the Entertainment package?

Yes, of course, this channel consists of 160 channels, whereas VH1 is also included. You can view it on channel number 335 on your DirecTV.

How to watch VH1 free on DirecTV?

The users can watch the channel for free on their DirecTV package, as it is one of the channels already included in the package. Basically, the users need not pay separately to watch the channel.

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