What Channel is Yellowstone on DirecTV?

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Hello Friends! good to see you back. Are you feeling bored at home? Have you heard about the Yellowstone name before? If you are a fan of Kevin Costner, then you might be familiar with this popular show. In today’s write-up, we will discuss Yellowstone on DirecTV, and in addition, we will also provide you with its channel number.

So guys, are you ready to dive into the article? Then what are you waiting for? come let go and discuss the most interesting facts about this channel.

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What Channel is Yellowstone on DirecTV?

Paramount Network, you will definitely hear this name before, as it is one of the most popular networks in America. Do you wonder who owns this? It is possessed by the MTV Entertainment Group’s ViacomCBS Domestic Media Network Unit.

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This was established as a partnership company between the WSM as TNN and Westinghouse broadcasting in Los Angels as Paramount Picture Studio. As a beginning, it broadcasts the programs like motor races including NASCAR, country music, outdoor programming, and a mixture of shows in the Southern part of the country in the year 1983.

Yellowstone on DirecTVYellowstone on DirecTV

What Channel is Yellowstone on DirecTV?

Then Gaylord Entertainment has grabbed the CMT and TNN in the years 1991 and 1983. As a result, it has completely changed its streaming content. Whereas, TNN start focusing only on live events and entertainment, and the CMT concentrate on music events.

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Again a revolution happened when the Westinghouse take over the TNN and CMT in the year 1995. After that, TNN starts broadcasting a wide range of networks, sports, films, and many just to grab the audience. In the year 2003, TNN was relaunched as Spike and then converted into Paramount Network just to cover the teen male audience.

Yellowstone is the most popular show on Paramount Network as the oscar award winner-Kevin Costner plays a major role in the event. This show has bought sunshine to the paramount Network. The users can watch this show on DirecTV, as you need not search for the channel number. In addition, we have also provided it below.

Channel NameChannel Number
Paramount Network HD241

Final Verdict

This article will help you to locate the channel easily, so need not go on searching for it for a longer time. Yellowstone is considered a lightning show of Paramount Network. The most popular artist the Kevin Costner who owns the Ascar Award took a major part in the show. If you are one of the biggest fans of him, then definitely you should head on to the show. Yellowstone is the number 1 series on television in 2021.


What channel is Paramount Network on DirecTV?

The viewers can locate the channel by viewing channel number 241 on their DirecTV at any of the packages they offer.

What channel is Yellowstone on DirecTV?

Yellowstone is the most popular show on Paramount Network and it is not a channel. You can view this show on Paramount Network by viewing the number 241.

How much does Yellowstone cost?

This show streams on Paramount Network and you get this channel for free on DirecTV, as it is also available in their packages.

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