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After months of waiting, the next generation of SuperBox S1 Pro has finally launched out. You might wonder why it takes so long, what’s the difference between S2 Pro and S1 Pro, does SuperBox S2 Pro really better than the S1 Pro since S1 Pro is pretty amazing? Now let me show you all details of the new version and find out how extraordinary it is?

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The first impression is the S2 Pro is totally not like the previous version, you can even name it another name. The shape of our product has changed from the square S1 Pro to a new flat rectangular S2 Pro with an additional led display and new interface design very user friendly. And you can see the cooling holes are added for better performance and to extend product life. Improvement of production based on higher quality standards, advanced technology, and quality assurance. 

New features

  • Playback Function in the last 7 days

Obviously, the playback is the most anticipated function for all customers. As of now, it allows users to view live a few popular channels and live events from the past 7 days. How wonderful it is that we would never miss any sports events and big news again!

  • System upgrade to Android 9.0

In the previous version, many users complain the box was running the outdated Android 7 Nougat. The SuperBox S2 Pro has upgraded to the latest version of its kind, and this new system is compatible with more than 5,000 apps smooth with no crashing.

  • 2T2R Dual Band WiFi for better connection

2T2R means 2 transmitters and 2 receivers external antenna. As you can see there are 2 antennas link to the box, and they’re dual-band(2.4 and 5G), this new design makes our streaming device 60% faster and more stable, making your streaming experience more enjoyable.

  • New launcher and EPG design

Customers’ need is our motivation, we accepted users’ advice to improved the launcher and EPG design. In that way, the interface looks more simplified and easier to operate. And the EPG is also much easier to check and more in line with regular style.

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Other Updates

Besides all these features you can see through eyes, actually the SuperBox S2 Pro has also improved video and audio quality with Real-time Transport Protocol(RTP) and audio output technology, improve the dynamic 4K HDR effect and sound quality.


We’ve compared the SuperBox S2 Pro with no matter the previous S1 Pro, or any other competitors on the market, we can say it is by far the best streaming box on the market with confidence. For such an excellent Android TV box, you may worry if the price too high. Actually, the official suggested price of the S2 Pro is exactly the same as the SuperBox S1 Pro. So it’s no wonder that we’re so lacking in production for the new model. If you’re interested in distributing it, please contact our sales rep for pre-orders.

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