XtrixTV IPTV Channels list

XtrixTV IPTV Live TV Channels list

XtrixTV IPTV gives you access to all the premium UK and European channels, it contains over 1551 TV channels. Use our IPTV for live sports and TV shows to truly enjoy an unbuffered and high-quality IPTV experience.

  • This list contains SD, HD, and Full HD.
  • We’ll continue to add more premium TV channels, and you can get a free trial to see a list of live TV channels.
Sport Fav (333)UK(182)Germany(108)Italia(107)USA(test)(36)
Spain(22)Turkey(59)Nordic(82)Asian Packs(10)Pakistani(17)
India(37)EPL(16)ZA Sport(15)EFL(test)(35)SPFL(test)(10)
Cyprus(15)Arabic(204)AU Sports(7)Russia(177)Ukraine(24)

IPTV Channels list with Catch Up

XtrixTV Plus offers 7-day Catch Up on over 280 channels, IPTV with Catch Up is the perfect solution for jet lag and sports fans. No more missing live games or late-night reruns. With IPTV’s catch-up feature, you can watch your favorite shows and sports events at any time, regardless of your schedule. Say goodbye to jet lag and never miss a game again.

India(2)EPL(12)ZA Sport(5)


What channels are available on XtrixTV IPTV?

XtrixTV offers over 1,300 channels in various genres such as news, entertainment, sports, international, etc.

How to view the full IPTV Channels list?

You can view the full XtrixTV IPTV Channels in the following three ways
1. Click here for XtrixTV IPTV Channels.
2. Get a free IPTV trial or buy an IPTV subscription to check the channel list and quality of service.

Why some sports channels don’t work?

In fact, this phenomenon is normal. Because some of our channels (several channels) are not available to watch with free test codes. However, if it is already listed in the program list, it means that this interface is available to watch in the normally paid status, they are just not available on the 3 days of the free test code.
If you wish to watch these sports channels, make sure they are included in the program list and that all other content meets your expectations. Consider subscribing to XtrixTV for a month first, and if you find the IPTV service to be stable and without any issues, you can then opt for a longer subscription.